Things you wish you could say (at work)


Okay, I have to ask, what is your hobby?


I think Rizak the Horrible is his Viking name. At least, it is stuck in my head that way.


What Rizak really looks like (but doesn’t wanna admit it :stuck_out_tongue: )


Have you seen his photos? He looks almost exactly like that.


It’s Rizak the Really Horrible, and … hey!


Seems I have the power to fiddle and mess around with settings on somebody else’s server, even though I don’t have the root/admin credentials :roll_eyes:

Yay for my superpowers. flexes superpowers


ah bummer, the taxman is still online.


We suck at geography. Really, we do.


Dear $Boss and $CEO

The reason we took so long with assigning new laptops to users are :

  1. Each laptop had to be reinstalled with win10 to get rid of the crap and bloat
  2. Then eaxh office install need to be configured (outlook email account)
  3. Then antivirus etc also need installing

And on top of that we had to deal with user issues (printerer not workening) or whatever.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Do you guys not have a premade image that at least has the install files?
We have a power shell script that can rip out most of the bloat programs that come default.
If you need it let me know ill post both parts, after making sure nothing is linking it back to $johtowork


Heh, way back in the day we had xcopy and a hard drive with the files on it.


Whats an Xcopy?

Never mind just looked it up… Thats old school. Also how big was that hard drive, the size of a mini van?


Regular sized, but we started doing it when we were still using 3.11. And then continued with 95. Load all the install files onto the hard drive, then xcopy the whole thing and install from disk. We thought we were slick as shit.


And that’s the way we liked it, dagnabbit!


Xcopy . /s/e


I always felt that I had more control with xcopy than when the companies I worked for with Symantec (or previously drank the kool-aid with Binary Research) and wanted to use ghost.


Taking a shufty at Veeam Backup and Replication.

Looks good. Want to get a backup solution for our remote sites.


Coincidentally, I’m using this phrase as obscene language in an alien sex scene I’m writing… (OK, not really.)


What is “shuufty”…



You got me good…