Things you wish you could say (at work)



I sprained my ankle badly yesterday, and it still is swollen. I’m just glad nothing got broken or torn.

Neighbour’s got a pair of crutches, so I may be able to go to work today. Or not.

But two sprained ankles? Not fun. Get better soon! @toasterfairy


On that fateful morning :

And this morning when going to the doctor : (left is normal, right is stuffupz)


Moonboot helps.

First time with crutches tho.


A few years back when I managed a particularly bad lisfranc fracture and dislocation in my left foot I found that I couldn’t do much in the spaces I needed to work in with crutches, so a scooter became my de facto method of locomotion:


lol, I want one! :slight_smile:


Dear M$

FOADIAF with your slow downloads on WSUS

Why can’t you give the WSUS admin the option to allow the initial download to be done at full speed after hours, then thereafter the admin can throttle it?

Seriously get lost, I’m considering alternatives to WSUS.


Yesterday I walked around a bit too much.

Today my a$$ will remain in the chair for most of the time.

My foot is sore this AM.


You should run a local WSUS server so that you’re only downloading from MS once, then everything is on your internal LAN at full speed.


I should’ve been clearer. WSUS on Server2016 is throttled when downloading updates from M$. Pushing updates out to clients via LAN is fast.

I have given it the boot, and downgraded to Server2008R2, its WSUS is much more stabler and faster.


Yeah, these type of things are great for certain types of leg injuries from what I’ve seen. Users maintain a great deal of mobility.


We did not have 2 patients collapse and die at work yesterday. Selfishly I’m glad I wasn’t there because I don’t think I could have handled one more crisis yesterday. But the rest of the staff is pretty distraught even still. Those days just suck


I hear you. $Wife has days like that, and she’s at a bit more distance than you as she just runs the front desk. I know there’s been a couple times our “How as your day?” conversation was basically, “Everything is dying.”


I just diagnosed the configuration problem in less than five minutes by looking at a plan I can view vs. the screenshot of the one I can’t. Yet your supposedly expert configuration team couldn’t figure this out in two weeks?


Yay. Got the one node sorted out.

Was an invalid iSCSI connection.


You just described damn near every interaction I had with $system_vendor at #oldjob


Part of the problem is that we’re in a shared system with an affiliated company. They own the configuration and won’t let us touch it. However, they’re too busy so they farm a lot of it out to a third party company that are supposed to be experts on configuring this system. At $oldjob I used to do the configuration myself so I know what’s involved, and there’s no way they shouldn’t have caught this. All they had to do was look at how an existing plan is set up.


Yes. When your password expires, you WILL get a password renewal screen when you try to log in again.

What’s so special about that? Just do it.


So, despite all warnings NOT to open suspicious email attachments, you went and did just that.

And now you refuse to hand in your laptop, because “nothing is happening”.

I got news for you mate - you deserve everything that’s coming your way now.

Virustotal paints a totally different picture of that attachment.



Dude what the hell… That is such a security breach, at least at my place of work that person would be cleaning out their desk…


And the best thing?

He opened it yesterday and did not told us of that fact until this morning.

I’m still pissed. Had to escalate this to management just to get his laptop.

At least I made a good, offline backup of our servers on Monday, will have to preserve it just in case the schitte hits the fan.