Things you wish you could say (at work)


Omg. Ten today. Plus appointments. And phone calls. And notes. And monitoring the new grads. I swear, I love being the senior doctor but I need to get a little more leeway in what’s expected of me when. Handing me three things that need to be done now while there’s a line and expecting me to take care of that too is getting a little much. One or the other. Just give me the leeway to do it in my own order. More stressed from being “managed” than from the stuff itself.


I so wish we could make use of your services… but it’s too far and away…

At least we got a good vet in our area, he really knows his stuff, he’s more a bit old school.

There’s another vet closer by, but he’s more expensive and he’ve got all these gee-whizz gadgetry.

I’ll rather go to old school and pay a bit less for doggie treatment.


I’m very old school. I mean I keep up on all the new things, and I use them if needed, but many times the same result can be had with just a little thinking. And with an appreciation of the clients resources. One of my cases last week was a dog with a super low white cell count and a very angry pancreas. So, it could be run of the mill pancreatitis (upset inflamed pancreas) but bc of the white cells maybe it could be cancer, specifically a tumor in the area of the pancreas pushing on it and making it mad. I told the owners that I could take xrays but if I saw anything at all suspicious I would then recommend.and ultrasound. Or, we could go straight to an ultrasound and get answers for sure. X-rays are half the price of an ultrasound but the ultrasound was a better value bc they got a for sure answer. I would have made a couple hundred $$ more if I did both, but this way I got a happy client. Some Drs need to learn what opportunity cost truly is… And that’s not something you can learn in school.


Your ploy is so transparent. You didn’t fool me for a second.

You guys sent in the pretty girls to see if they could take the 3 seats at our table. Then when you showed up 5 minutes later, you expected us to leave because you’re their friends? Yeah. I don’t play that game. Then, when you try to pull up chairs to the table that is sized to hold the number of chairs that it already has, I am not going to move my chair to make room for you. No way.

You guys are douchebags for trying this, and your girlfriends are really bad at picking out marks because I am the last person to put up with shit like this. I’m tall. I’m big. I have a bushy beard and long red hair. I was wearing my company t-shirt with the words REALLY HORRIBLE on the front. My kilt and shit-kicking boots were on display because I had to turn my chair to see the stage.

EDIT: BTW, this was at an orientation meeting in a gigantic conference room with hundreds of other people. These guys made a little knot in the aisle because they weren’t going to give up, and were just annoying as fuck to anyone who had to try to get by them.

hashtag I win


Did you burped or farted? Bonus points if so.



If you got two (or more) domain controllers (active domain) and some doofus install WSUS on any domain controller, you get an interesting b0rkage. DNS just stops.

More so with clustering. All disks go offline and the nodes tend to put themselves in quarantine.

So far one of our remote sites had a b0rkage every friday pm, which would cause me to do a nearly fukkengrett schittenselfsen to get it unb0rked… until I discovered the installed WSUS role :angry: Of course it got uninstalled, and I haven’t heard anything, so touching wood.

Will hear on moanday if all is well or not.




Whoa, hey now!


What, so the DNS server service stops (and therefore DNS resolution on the network is completely nixed)? That’s pretty weird (and bad).

Let us know what happens on moanday.


Or not. Had a quick peek. Node 1 was chugging along, but Node 2 lost all cluster information. As it is weekend and the site is working, I’ll leave it for a moanday.


So y’all can do a reorg and hire two more managers for our department but there’s “no budget” for the two or three extra techs we sorely need? I call BS.


So much this.


Didn’t know where to stick this, so put it in the mostest category… :thinking:

My splenectomy patient didn’t die after surgery. She’s still up and running around and having a great life.

I did my first splenectomy yesterday on a geriatric lab who we pulled in from a kill shelter on rescue. Was supposed to pregnant, instead had a volleyball-sized mass on her spleen. Painful. So I volunteered to remove it knowing it was going to be hard and that she might not make it. But she did great through surgery and we kept things moving and the spleen came out just fine, no complications. Blood transfusion went smoothly.

Then she took one breath and died.

Critical cases suck big donkey balls. At least she had a good last weekend running through the farm at a staff members house instead of in that nasty shelter. But still. :frowning:


At least she had that last good weekend - that matters. But, yeah, sorry to hear that she died… :frowning:


ah f****, that’s why I had the HyperV role uninstalled from my work laptop… it doesn’t work.


(FWIW virtualization is on in the BIOS, it starts up all nicely, but you cannot connect to any VM, so you’re unable to perform an install or RDP session using the hyperV mmc… :roll_eyes:

edit : at least there’s Virtualbox…

edit2 : meh, current Virtualbox install cannot handle Server2016… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


@Ook, can’t you just spin up a Server2016 VM on a test host? Or do you run into the same issues there as well?


Had a bit of a lucky stroke - laptop got compromised somehow (durrr) and I did a full reinstall, which gave me a working HyperV environment. So all is good for now.

Why hyperV rdp borks is everybody’s guess, but most probably because it is BillWare.


I can do a medium amount of work and maybe fix your immediate panic, or I can do more work and make something that fixes your immediate issue as well as a dozen more, and makes us all look awesome.


I have two sprained ankles and strains in tendons. That’s why I’m wearing these braces. I’ll take the stairs because you insist, but I can’t go any faster. Just doing these 2 floors is going to put me in a chair for the rest of the day.


Yikes. I pretty much never take the elevator at work unless I have to (OK, I currently work on the 2nd floor… Used to be on the 4th, though) but when I sprained an ankle a year or two back I certainly took it for a few days. I could barely walk for like a week after that.

My current excuses for elevator use are:

  1. Carrying heavy equipment.
  2. Pushing a cart of equipment.
  3. Injured.
  4. (Rarely) at another office where there’s a lot of stairs and I don’t want to turn into a puddle of sweat.
  5. With someone who is doing one of the above.

I admit my current job does have a bit of an anti-elevator bias, but being injured is a great reason to use it.