Things you wish you could say (at work)


It’s not food that go walkabouts.

Physical hardware like RAM sticks and hard disks.


I figured as much, but if someone is skulking around there and stealing valuables, they won’t think twice about snatching a brownie. Or if you can catch a video of them stealing, you can take that to manglement. Though from what you’ve described, I would not expect them to improve your location or security situation. But at least they won’t be wondering if you made off with the goods.


Webcam it is then :whistle:

got a good place to hide it :smiley:


You have a collection in SCCM that says DO NOT TOUCH. But there are 142 machines in said collection. Looks like someone touched it.


What part of “DO NOT OPEN UNSOLICITED EMAILS” you do not understand?


@Ook: I actually had a coworker forward one of our phishing testing emails to someone be else in the department so I’m not surprised.


After a long, tiring and stressful week, do you know how demoralizing it is to be trying to tell a person something very important that will prevent an upset customer from turning into a livid one, only to have the reaction be to cut me off and start laughing because they think it’s an unreasonable statement?


Dear $Boss

Kindly do your homework before deciding on servers to purchase, do NOT assume that you can do X with Y and Y.

Just be glad it is possible to do X with Y and Y (in this instance Hyper-V replication on two servers for fallback fault tolerance).

I will do a Proof of Concept tomorrow morning, and is confident that I can get it to work BUT u$oft being u$oft I canna guarantee 100%…


So. Did the proof of concept on moandai. Used HyperV. First attempt with the free HyperV 2016 failed dismally.

Said “stuff that”, installed Server2016. Discovered that the two nodes won’t see each other unless I install either a certificate or plonk both on a domain. Realized that this is why my initial attempt with hyperv failed. Something to remember for the next iteration.

After a bit of faffing around with SSL certs, decided to stuff that and install a domain controller - and things looked promising. Initially I could not get both nodes to talk to each other. Gah.

Knocked off for the evening.

Next day it was a bit of digging in the log files to find that it was the firewall blocking things. Disabled the firewall and things started to move.

In the meantime got some suggestions on other software/KVM’s to look at on G+. Nice to know that the Collective is indeed active and you can get quicker and filtered information that way instead of slogging through google or bing.

The idea is to make a simple DR setup as this whole shebang will go to a remote site in Zambia, and we want to keep things simple, so that if something borks, the fix is quick and simple.

Having a domain is a big plus as we can comply with PCI requirements should it ever come to that. Win.


Note: It’s always the firewall.


Fixed that for you. :wink:


Project manglers will see a demo of the system in action tomorrow.

I kinda expect Mr Murphy to come in and foul things up for some merriment.

Will have to wait and see.

After the demo I’ll take a look at Veeam etc.


No, it’s often not “the” firewall, but is often either a local machine-specific firewall or the service isn’t properly running.

We get like a ticket a week for machines that can’t communicate… And are on the same subnet with no firewall between them.


I thought it was always Coca-Cola.


I loved that campaign.


Aaahhh… but then there’s AWS and “Security groups,” which are sort of ACLs but sort of IP schemes, too.

And hidden until you know where to dig (newbs 'R us!)

And give absolutely NO hint when the Security Group is the blocker.


“You guys have had a shit week. It’ll wait until Monday”
-Something I did say to some coworkers who spend several days in another city dealing with an issue that I don’t think is our problem.


“You didn’t look, did you $boss?”

I’d sent an image of a requested document as an email attachment. He said he got the email, but not the image. So he asked for the original, which I’d already put in the inbox. Which he said he wasn’t there. Until he did find it there. No apology mind you, but I wasn’t expecting one.


I didn’t do 21 surgical procedures in the last two days. My feet are nice and comfy. My back has never felt better. I didn’t leave four weird cases for a coworker to take over tomorrow. I accomplished everything on my list today. :tired_face:


What we have here is failure to communicate.

I spent half the day running around looking like a dumbass because y’all didn’t keep me in the loop regarding this issue.