Things you wish you could say (at work)


Let’s try writing that a little more politely and considerate of the recipient’s feelings, shall we?

And while we’re at it, can we talk about how you fscked up the requirements for yesterday’s request five times and kept me late by an hour as a result?


Instead of having a conference call at your desk with four other people clustered around and the phone at full volume, how about booking a conference room?

I work in an open office, and today people have been particularly loud. I’ve got my earbuds in and my music pretty load, and I can hear the people the next row over talking on the phone.


To hell with the earbuds. Just crank the music up. Make it something shouty.


Keep not speaking to the senior doctor. Keep not speaking to the office manager. Continue to not ask questions about cases. We are watching. We know what you are doing, what you are not doing, and what you are doing wrong. You forget, we are also moms. We are doubly trained to watch for this $#!+ and we see all. It will not end well for someone. And that someone will not be us.

8hrs of work today, zero conversation. Six months out of school you should be frantic about how much you don’t know. Because trust me, you don’t.


New hire? Doesn’t sound promising.


She’s clearly not going to stay long term already. Most of us old-timers get the feeling that our place is beneath her, that she’s biding her time until her boyfriend finishes his school program. Oh well. She’s missing out, because our place and our staff and our clients are amazing. But we don’t push all the bells and whistles, and I think that’s what she wants. Which is ok. But at least act like you want to be here.


LoL, like the stripey alien chick in the last Star Trek movie.


I love when Kirk plays Sabotage by the Beastie Boys and Spock says “ah, classical music”.



[censored][censored] WSUS server. What a POS piece of shy… Oh wait, it is Microsoft, par for the course.

First did a default install with its built-in DB. It died when the first win10 updates hit it.

Tried a new install, but using SQL Express. DB filled up too quick up to 10Gb.

Third iteration I’m using SQL Server. Buggy and slow.

Going to explore alternatives such as and


So what is the actual problem with WSUS? It took me quite a while to get it working properly with Win10.

One problem was to do with the fact that the IIS worker service wasn’t being allocated enough memory and was choking every 24 hours, so I bumped that up and it’s been solid.

The next issue was space on the repository drive, and I managed to address that by removing the tick on Download express packages (or whatever the option is called) and then ran a Powershell script to delete all declined updates… voila, 490GB(!!) freed just like that.


What’s the relation with WSUS and SCCM? I thought they did the same thing, but now I’m thinking I’m wrong.


They’re the same but SCCM costs $$$


This Windows 10 migration project can suck my ass.

Barring that, y’all need to learn to communicate better.


Oh, really? Huh. Guess my org got a deal or something. I’m vaguely part of deploying a metric assload of SCCM servers, apparently.


We’re still in the trial phase, which means a bunch of IT guys run it. They forgot to tell us, or at least me, how to submit feedback and we don’t talk to the guys who build desktops, so… :man_shrugging:


I am one of the guys who build desktops. But the goalposts keep moving or else they’ll give new information to the east coast peeps but not us and then get all pissy because we didn’t follow the new instructions. That were never given to us in the first place.


WSUS just deploys Windows Updates via the client’s built-in Windows Update agent.

SCCM is a fully-featured software distribution and deployment platform, which also has audit functions, and is very scalable. It has its own separate agent, and as @Ook says, it costs many beans per seat.

You can do Windows Updates with SCCM. The advantage is that it will forcibly apply the updates to clients on a regular basis (and during the SOE deployment process), but the downside is that it’s a full-time job to manage.


Dear $Manglement

Whoever thought of putting IT and technical in a part of the building where there’s high foot traffic did not think it through properly, as things keep on disappearing mysteriously from our desks.

IT and technical should get their own offices which can be LOCKED to keep theft of valuables to a minimum.

I’m not responsible for things that disappear off my desk. Sure, I can lock it up after hours, but during the day when I’m away to assist somebody at his/her desk, what then?

Get real.


Sounds like it is time to cook up some Ex-Lax brownies and leave them as bait.
Unless you’d get in trouble, then maybe just setup a cheapie webcam off one of the “test” computers and catch the culprits. There is software that will watch an area for movement and record when it detects activity.