Things you wish you could say (at work)


Do you mean a dull, vacant look, or a pained, cross-eyed blinded look? My doctor has recommended I stop staring into headlights and this is the best guess as to what I looked like when I did it.


Managed to figure that out. Glad I did not step into that trap.

Thanks @ Admiral Ackbar :smiley:


PROTIP - When asked to design a web site, or code a program or something, always, always, always do your schitty best - so that they will ask somebody else.

Otherwise the company will make use of your “services” for free.

Happened to me once, got asked to design a web site. I created a very, very basic site and left it at that. They roped in somebody else and had to pay for that.


That sounds familiar. I teach the basic web authoring classes, so the school wanted me to “look over” a web page and see why things weren’t working. One, I don’t know enough to be a professional web designer, and two, I knew that if I did it once, I’d be stuck doing it forever.


Dear $department_manglers

It is YOUR job to put in a request and a budget for new laptops/desktops/whatever, not IT’s job.



Please just approve my change.


For the love of all that’s holy, hire some more techs.


Now that is also what I’m wishing for here.


I’ll approve it, @balance!


Finally got it approved,although it took a 2 hour meeting for about 5 minutes of content relevant to me.


Reminds me of the change obstructionmanagement process at my first job out of school


Wait please tell me this was not one of the IT students…


Not an IT student. :slight_smile:


Thank goodness, it doesn’t sound like anything they would do, but had to check!


What is the proper protocol if you think a support engineer at another company may have died while you’re working with them?


You mean, like, while you were on the phone with him?


Dear $HRdroid

If you communicated just exactly why you need access to the ex-HRdroid’s emails a nasty situation could have been avoided.

But no, you just asked for access to the emails and left it at that. And at the same time I was busy with a domain migration.

Things like that tend to piss me off for some reason.

And no, we’ll not be your personal slaves, ready to drop everything at your beck and call.


Play the dead parrot skit?


In this case, it was more that he had to take a week off for unspecified medical reasons, then 3 weeks later had never gotten back to me. I escalated to his manager, but didn’t want to change techs as barring the absence, he was a really good engineer for the system we were working on… The best of 3-4 guys from the same company I’ve worked with.

I discussed the other option with a PM a few months ago, though: We had Field Engineers working solo at remote office after hours that had to life and rack heavy routers by themselves. I really wondered what we’d do if someone dropped a router on their head or similar.


Find them in the morning?

Bu seriously… if they’re alone, and no one expects them until the next day… yeah, that could happen.