Things you wish you could say (at work)


That sounds pretty rough, actually. You’ll get one overnight there (maybe) and you’ll get jetlagged to hell.


I know, but I’m willing to travel and wouldn’t be surprised if it turned into a “fly out Thursday, return home Saturday or Sunday” which is still rough, but less so.


Sometimes, it is just nice to get away. If it is to someplace scenic or especially notable, that’s a big bonus.
I had to spend a few days last year in a windowless room, in a nondescript building, in a small town, in what appeared to be a transplanted patch of barren desert on the outskirts of the Denver metro area. Our last day there, we finished our work in the morning, but our flights weren’t until around 6 or 7 pm. Took a drive up through Estes Park and into Rocky Mountain National Park, and took in some scenery before heading to the airport. Very relaxing. Helped to unwind from the stress of work and made the return flight a breeze.


Got Netwrix auditor installed. Works like a breeze.

Bossly Unit is very impressed with it, and is gunning for licence purchase.

IMO it is money well spent.

Would love to see the look of confusion on the one luser who is deliberately sabotaging critical documents that we have proof of his/her wrongdoing, and is showing him/her the door.

After working for more than a decade and half with Server 2003, it is refreshing to be able to use powershell scripts to draw reports from the OS itself instead of hunting all over the WWW for programs to do X and Y. And you can modify some powershell scripts to give what you really want.

Also need to up my scripting skillz in Linux…


The biggest minus if they ask me to go to Glasgow is my wife’s jealousy that she doesn’t get to go.


Old servers booted off the network. New servers shoehorned in.

Since it is a new domain, users still had to manually map network drives, but that should be sorted out as we can convert inDUHvidual PC’s over to the new domain (with Profwiz).

Then you have the special nutcase who insists we did not give him his new domain username and password… when I pointed out to him that, yes, indeed, we sent it to him on $date, he backpedalled, and said he only received that email just now. Yeah right, and I’m the Queen of Scotland.

So it’ll be interesting going forward. With this new infrastructure we can push out some good GPO’s and lock the network down better, since the old domain controller (Server2003) was starting to flake out.


After you throwing a hissy fit I’m sooooo tempted to give your developer a really schitty craptop.

You know, the one with 256Mb RAM and Windows XP on it.

We don’t sit all day long and fap in our offices, we have things to do, and if your developer’s preciouses laptop takes long to be finalized, then that’s the way things are.

So suck it up and be patient. Rome was not built in a day.

Currently I’m trying to resuscitate our WSUS server - Microsoft upchucked a Win10 update that borked it totally solid.


If you can’t get the URL right you want unblocked, I am going to make you resubmit the ticket from scratch. Sorry, but I want full CYA if I’m unblocking a site.


Any chance of us having a shufty at said URL?


I’ve done a bunch this one could apply to. The most recent one is some sort of recreational pot site: My personal opinion being that’s not really “work friendly” and it’s not my thing, but what you do on your own time is your business.

It’s definitely one I won’t open without HR review and a paper trail, though.


Ah, the puffpuffpass brigade hard at work then.

Good call on your part then :slight_smile:


My favorite remains unblocking Victoria’s Secret. Made sure everyone saw the ticket, so I didn’t get busted for what would generally be low-quality adult material on my screen.

HR, had a business relationship, so it got approved.


Why would you bring your child to school during finals?!


Bus runnng late.
You take them every day.
Lots of reasons.

Take your kid to -work- during finals? Hmm…

They are an intern at your company and it is a practical exam?


I wish I could bring my dog to work some days.


It’s a student and this kid is loud. He’s disturbing all of the classrooms near him.


Best perk of my job. Actually thinking about bringing him tomorrow just so I have someone to snuggle during my lunch change nap. :thinking:

Lunch naps being a close second, of course… :grin:


SQL Server 20xx is free, you say? With no product key required?

And no, I’m not talking about SQL Server 20xx Express.

Reminds me too much of Admiral Ackbar…


Developer Edition is. The rest, back up the Brinks truck.


Why are you giving me that “rabbit in the headlights” look? It’s not like what I’m trying to do is anything difficult.

Oh, hang on. I’m working with a command line interface. On a linux box. That explains it.