Things you wish you could say (at work)


Not keeping IT in the loop that $user will be moving over to $branch - then get a phone call during lunchtime from $user to “come and help assist with Pastel install”.

Laptop was NOT removed from company domain network.

Seriously pissed off.


Asking employees to write Google Reviews of the company - and incentivising them for it - seems…wrong, doesn’t it?



Glowing reviews all round!


This really looks like it was designed in the 90s. By a toddler:


Oh, that is indeed awful.





Listen, I’ve tolerated your nonsense long enough. You want me to go to a site that’s an hour+ commute because you didn’t do your part of the work, and you didn’t listen to me for the last two weeks when I pointed out most of the things you are now demanding get done immediately. You also scheduled me for after-hours on my calendar, but in such a way as to guarantee I get no overtime. And of course I have to be at work at the usual time the next day! Then you only mentioned it while telling everyone in a group status meeting that the timeslot was fine.

I warned you about this job. I made offers and suggestions prior to this, and you’ve turned them down, including yesterday.

So now, when you dump all this on me and insist it’s done tomorrow (while you and anyone else at the site who could help are conveniently out of the office), you copy our mutual boss on the demand so I’ll be cornered into saying yes/not objecting? And you wait to send it until I left for the day last night?

Man, fsck you. Doublefsck you for comparing your work situation and commute to mine. We both know you live with your parents for free, get paid quite a bit more than I do, and have flexible scheduling options I don’t. You’re going to get your way and I’m going to get screwed. Again. I’m not going to take your “why are you so cruel to me” BS for calling you out. YOU are the one who decided to copy our mutual boss on your list of orders, not me.


Oh, that totally blows. There has got to be a way to fuck with that prick’s world somehow.


Call me. I do offsite visits. With a bat.


Dear Boss,

The next time we get a vague email from $OverseasTeamWhoIFeelAreLessThanClueful, how about we/you ask them just WTF they want, rather than spending a whole day doing your usual headless-chicken-crazy-dance trying to second guess what they’re after?

I’m sick and tired of being dragged into the swirling maelstrom of crazy every time this happens.



Good to know you gotz my back, eh!


I managed to make it nine months without having a list of people whose names make my blood boil when I see them in my email. You, sir, just became the first name on that list.


Agreed. That just is not on.


The 3wk old kitten the staff took turns bottle feeding since it was one day old and was the only one of its litter to survive more than three days did not start struggling to breathe this morning. It did not have a collapsed lung lobe, and it did not appear on x-ray to have intestines in its chest. Therefore I did not have to do an emergency abdominal exploratory on said 3wk old kitten, though it woke up from surgery just fine. And it most certainly did not start stuggling to breathe again after we took it off supplemental oxygen, and I did not have to euthanize it through tears. And I did not have to spend the rest of the day pretending everything was fine because I still had a day full of clients adopting pets and bringing in their loved ones. While my staff was super sad.


I’m not sure what to say here except that I hope you have better days ahead of you, @MSUAlexis. :sob:


I’m so sorry you had a day like that. That is one of the big reasons I didn’t go to UC Davis for veterinary medicine when I was choosing colleges.


Given that the “like” button is completely inappropriate for posts like this, we need something that says “that really sucks and you have my sympathies” instead :cry:


I reply wholeheartedly with this. Can @Lee_Ars not look into the feasibility of this?


I’m so sorry to hear that :frowning: Not nice.


Sorry, @MSUAlexis. That’s a crappy welcome back from vacation.