Things you wish you could say (at work)


That makes me wonder how @TSB and @Nick_Burns are doing…


Busy at work or hanging out in {gasp!} FB now. :expressionless:


Oh, there’s a problem? Please show me the troubleshooting steps you’ve completed before you came to me.


Tribbleshooting steps :

  1. Start up PC
  2. PC won’t start up.
  3. Kick it.
  4. Try again.
  5. Ask Rizak.
  6. Rizak switches it ON at the wall plug.


This report is just like this the one for ticket 12345

Narrator: It wasn’t


In the past 15 seconds, you:

  1. Sent me an email with just a query in it
  2. Walked to my desk
  3. Interrupted my current task to tell me not to do anything with the email until I talk to you
  4. Told me that it’s not urgent


Then treat is as non urgent. Delete it by accident, then?


Thanks for not telling me the meeting was at 2 PM Eastern, not Pacific. Now I get to look stupid because I was still sitting at my desk at 11.


Drive by Meep Meep!!!


I had a tech at a Large Network Vendor somehow get an request for a meeting at 11:00 AM Central, which was translated to 7:00 PM Eastern. I don’t think that’s how this is supposed to work.


That’s my line! :wink:


I thought yours was Beep beep zip, bang!


Events transpired in the afternoon which resulted in that request falling below the bottom of my queue.


All of my coworkers are respectful of other people’s time and show up before their shifts starts. The doctors here all set a good example for the staff and are sure to show up and be ready for work before appointments start. Rarely are they 15-20 minutes late. And the owner sets the best example of all.


So long as at least one of those events was a particularly satisfying snack or beverage, then all is right with the world.


A big hearty “fsck you” for making me look like a blithering idiot.

By asking me, on the eve of your training, to hook your laptop up to the projector.

Once done, then you tole me you need Internet access for your work.

Guess what? Next time I’m going to “be very busy unfortunately”.

You could’ve asked me to do all this 30 minutes prior and we could’ve saved ourselves the embarassment.

So stuff you and your preciouses training, you started 45 minutes later than planned.


We refer to the noises my dog makes while asleep as ‘meeping’. It’s really the best term, as it’s no really a bark but more of a high-pitched noise. Almost like something a guinea pig would do.He has aded occasional growls to it, though, so it’s kind of a “meep, meep, meep. GRRRRR! meep.”


All right, which one of you numpties installed WSUS on a DC, and brought down a cluster?



8 machines migrated from Win 7 to Win10 last night. The disk encryption is b0rked on 6 of them and the only reason the other two aren’t is because they’re desktops and those don’t get encrypted. Seems my hypothesis about not enough testing was correct.


It could be me…it could be my evil twin. I’m not saying! But if it leaves chaos in its wake then it’s probably me.