Things you wish you could say (at work)


Mouse, keyboard, power, video, Ethernet. Every damn thing. I was stabby.


For cable bundles in a rack, especially massive bundles, sure, I’m with ya.
But for every power cord, USB A to B cable, mini-USB cable, micro-USB cable, USB3 cable, Firewire cable, etc., all sorted into separate drawers… It just makes life difficult somewhere down the line.


As a follow-up to my previous consulting comment.

I’m glad to be back after over a week of trying to figure out if you should have a SME back. Oh, you need another background check to kick off the credential creating process and you’ve lost 3 Directors, a few Managers, 5 Devs, and another System Admin.

Tell me again what your priorities are.


Is it me, or does our ‘security upgrade’ relying on not only IE (see earlier mention in another thread) but an ActiveX things that does some weird stuff to to the pasteboard seem like a bad idea?


If you’ve seen 2001: A Space Odyssey, you’ll be familiar with the opening scene where you’re watching the monkeys / primitive ape-men are all clustered around the monolith wondering what it is / what to do with it / can they eat it.

I’ve spent 3 days in meetings that would fit the exact same analogy.



Appropriate. I often feel like throwing a bone/wrench at stuff at work, too.


Ook? Eek ook?

Oggerbogger ogger ogga bogga googa a oogah?

I tend to let my attention wander during ling and boring meetings. Yay for zork etc on android

(Games like asterix megaslap is a definite no-no as it looks like you’re having some fun with something under the table)


Love it!

I actually sat through meetings that were held to plan meetings.
Yeah… email would have been a definite time saver.


A buddy of mine makes those.


I was tempted to get a pack of them for coworkers this past holiday. He has some nice stuff.


Since when is a company projector allocated permanently to a specific department?

Go buy your own with your department’s budget.


Saw this at $oldjob, one person had one of the two projectors permanently reserved.

Why not just outfit each conference room with a projector, permanently installed? No reservation problems, and no wear & tear/breakage from people moving them around.


My previous employer had this setup, as does my current one. It makes way more sense.


That coworker was pissed when I told him that no, that projector was not reserved for his department. He went off to complain with his departmental head unit, will see what happens tomorrow.

We have two conference rooms, both have fixed projectors, but I guess it is more of a schlepp for them to walk upstairs to the conf. room as it is far easier just to set the projector up.

Heart. Custard.


We’ve got tons of rooms with projectors installed, but still not enough. My team has been known to sit on a videoconferencing mobile whiteboard that we use to wall in part of our space for an impromptu conference room.

Hey, the whiteboard is made by Cisco, and we’re the network team in charge of Cisco gear, so it’s ours, right?

OK, so it’s the conferencing teams technically.


Users ticking the “use proxy” for FTP check box, and then wondering why FTP delivery is not working… GAH.

It is a tick box and it must be ticked for some “speshul funkshun” to work, right. Right??

Sent an email back to the originator of the request with two screenshots :
1 - proof that it is working
2 - highlighted the tick box sans tick

Hopefully they won’t make the same mistake again.


(laughter) Yeah, right. Like we’ve all heard / said that so many, many times.


Why is it that any time something hiccups in our environment, the first point of blame is the security team and their vulnerability scanning? Even when they are NOT scanning?


Same, but in my case it’s the database.

Spoiler: It’s never the database.