Things you wish you could say (at work)


Also, I keep my lotions in a basket in my drawer. And yes, I do remind those that use the lotion that it puts the lotion in the basket or it gets the hose again. In fact, I bought a basket to keep my lotions in specifically so I could say that to my staff. :joy::joy:

Also, I keep all the lotions at home in a basket too. And when I round them up and put them away, I say it in my head…

I really do like that movie. Maybe a little too much…


Mix some chilli oil into his preciouses lotions…


There’s a fine line between rubbing lotion on yourself and rubbing yourself with lotion. I think I crossed that line


I use a ton of lotion, especially this time of year. My back and arms get so dry they’re painful. I only rarely have any at work, though.

@MSUAlexis: Yeah, $Wife complains that she’s constantly washing her hands or using stuff on them and she just runs the front desk, not nearly as hands-on as the actual doctors.


The Jacksonville Jaguars made the second round of the playoffs. I bet if quarterback Chad Henne sent out a message on the morning of the next playoff game that he was on vacation starting that day, his teammates would be really upset at being told at the last minute.

$cow-orker, either you keep forgetting you have time off, you don’t think it’s important to tell us ahead of time or you just don’t respect us. You keep doing this to us and I’m getting tired of it.


Dear $Colleagues

Let’s go home, we need moar leave.



I’m about to chuck this computer out the window. Fix your gorram image.


Dear unknown cow-orker

We really don’t need to know your pr0nz habits. Stop watching pr0nz on your company-issued android mobile as we all use a shared email account from google. Rather use your private phone.

Yup, somebody browsed pr0nz (brown bunnies at pornhub on his/her cellphone). And the most irritating thing is that you cannot see who it was…

So now we will have to recall phones in batches, remove Chrome and Firefox, and install a proprietary web browser with which content can be controlled.

Bah, humbug.


The real WTF is that there’s a shared Google account used by the whole company.


No sh!t! WTF was somebody thinking?


Sounds like maybe a generic “Sales” account.


I must fess up, was my idea. Seems that it is not recommended. Oops.

What would you guys recommend?

Keep in mind this is the first time the company has got cellphones for its workers, so there will be snafus, and which we can learn from, we can use that experience going forward.

And tracking cellphones using google history does not work, you are not able to differentiate between who did what as all devices share the same cellphone model name.


Get Google Apps for your domain - one account per person.


Update to a previous comment: The 7k files wrapped in zips wrapped in emails… now have a 2nd layer of zip filing. Individually even, not as a group.

So, yes, I have to deal with:

  • FileICare.About
  • Message: FileICare.About
  • Here’s the files you care about!

With only the last being a container of multiple things.


Sounds like a lovely nightmare.



Why are you trying to FTP with a web browser? of course it’ll throw a wobbly.

Rather use a proper FTP program, like filezilla client or something like that. I always do.


$bossboss, risk your own life all you want. But if you get behind the wheel of a vehicle again before your seizure disorder is completely under control, I hope they put your ass under the jail. Other people’s lives are not yours to risk.


Say what? For real?


It used to work… IE was the choice for that… once upon a long-ass time ago.


Alas, yes. A few months ago, $bossboss had a seizure at the office. Neurologists tested him, but didn’t find anything. Last week, he had a seizure on the way home from the office, while driving. No one else injured, for which we can be grateful. Cops chewed him out for it anyway. As well they should.

I don’t know if they can confiscate his license over this, but they should. One seizure is a problem. A second seizure is a warning that you need to make some changes in your life. He may not like it, but the safety of others means he probably shouldn’t get the choice.

$boss is driving $bossboss into the office today. I don’t know if that’ll be the pattern going forward, but as far as I’m concerned, $bossboss should give up his license until this is settled, whether he likes it or not.