Things you wish you could say (at work)


Ah yes, that was directed to you.

Looks like a nice and complex system. Hope you can trace the problem and terminate it properly :wink: :slight_smile:


Two days before end of month is not really a lot of time to make everything suddenly better. If this is something that was intended to have a lot of meaning, then telling us half-way through the month or even weekly would give us a better picture of where we are and what we need to improve.


I said move the memory: move the memory.



Resigned just because of a financial investigation, eh?

Just what were you hiding?


How about you let people get off the elevator before you try to get on?


Screw you, I’m much more important than you. Who the hell are you anyway and why didn’t you hit the button for my floor?


Yeah, that’s one of my pet peeves. Elevators and trains. Not only is it common courtesy, it’s common sense. If you let people get out first, there’s more room for you to get in.

That situation is one where it’s an advantage to be quite big. I just start walking and they either get out of my way or they get pushed out of my way :smile:


That situation is one where it’s an advantage to be quite big. I just start walking and they either get out of my way or they get pushed out of my way :smile:

I love the look I get when people being assholes bounce off me. Most of them are legitimately shocked that I didn’t get out of their way, and also freaked out because it was like running into a brick wall covered with pillows.


Just yesterday, coming out of Walmart, some kid literally jumped in front of me to get my attention for whatever asinine product/service/scam he was there for and fell to the ground when I didn’t even slow down. Hopefully the next person will have better luck.

Again, the kid got off easy. I normally kick things that are in my way.


That just is not on. Using kids to get the attention of other people…


Boy Scouts sell popcorn, school bands sell cheese and sausage, cheerleaders sell candles, football teams sell coupon books, it’s all over.


Back on topic…

The house is clean and i didn’t over commit myself today.



You do QA. Keeping critical issues to yourself and only letting IT know at the last minute that if we don’t get $site certified, we won’t be getting paid for December.

You guys should have planned better at the onset, telling IT that “look, we need to get $site up and running to be certified” early on in the game. Stringing us along also does not work.

I also have other sites and clients to commit my skills and attention to.

Words fail me.

January some headhunter’ll get my CV and the hunt will commence.


Ah, but when the school band sells the cheeleaders… why, then you’ve got yourself a sale!


Most schools frown upon the band selling football equipment.


Could I have one from the middle of the pack, please?

(I have no idea what that means, it just sounded funny when I said it to myself.)


That’s why it is called a budget, and that is precisely the reason you need to upgrade your department’s computers on a regular basis.


You win the internet today


What’s more important? Chatty time with your colleagues or getting your taxes to work on your PC?

Quit wasting my time.


I’m getting mixed signals here. You’ve said that doing $Procedure prevents problems from happening, but when I show you units that are overdue for $Procedure, your reaction is that we don’t have to do them on time and we can stretch out when they’re done

(Translation: do it if it saves us money, but don’t do it until you have to because you’ll spend money.)