Things you wish you could say (at work)


You may want to discuss things over the phone so you can get your sound bite answers, but given the number of times you haven’t let me finish answering the questions you’ve asked, sending it to you through email means the meaning won’t change, it’s on record and I can use it to defend myself if necessary.


This. Always this.

I hate this so much.


Oh, not cool. When working with an Excel 97/2000/XP spreadsheet in OpenOffice and the program crashes, the auto-recovery feature converts it into Excel 95 format. Merged cells and conditional formatting are lost when that happens. I’d hate to think of what it would be like if I was trying to do more complex calculations.


Look, make me full time or cut me loose, OK?


Have IT departments forgotten basic troubleshooting? If you can’t connect to a device across a network, take a laptop and hook up directly to it. If you still can’t connect to it, then you’ve eliminated the network as the cause.


Also, if it’s one machine experiencing the problem in a location, it’s probably not the network.

Current Job includes dealing with the Network queue. If it’s not obviously someone else’s problem, it’s Networks problem. Until we toss it back.


HP Server on $site is dead.

Asked the tech to do tests - with UPS and sans UPS.

Server still is dead. With servers the PSU fans start turning as soon as power is applied to it. But they don’t.

So that eliminate the UPS.

Said server is getting shipped back to the office, for me to poke and prod.

I suspect a voltage spike/surge took the PSU’s out. But we shall see.

And I agree on basic tribbleshooting. Start off with eliminating small, easy things (such as is there power, is the network point active etc) and taking it from there.

Haven’t lost my touch for fault troubleshooting and elimination yet.


I wish my Field Engineers(1) would check in when they’re supposed to instead of just starting up messing with stuff.

(1) Rent-a-techs. If I’m lucky, I get the good ones 3-5 times when they’re in nearby cities. When I’m not lucky, I get the bad ones 3-5 times… One I had to spell ‘USB’ to. Some are great, know the Cisco CLI basics the job requires. Others don’t.


For real? Damn.


Yeah. It was not a good night. I put him in the “needs high level assistance” category for that night and the next 1 or 2 he did.

Tonight’s problem is a guy who did not listen to specific instructions given yesterday and decided he knew everything tonight. He skipped one step which we specifically discussed yesterday, swapping RAM between devices. If you’ve ever ought RAM for Cisco gear, 16 gigs is ridiculously priced. We want to keep that, not the 2 or 4 or whatever they shipped us a replacement with.


More from dealing with random field techs: (Again, things I want to say, not things I said…)

You’re a field tech: Bringing small screwdrivers is part of the job.

Also, we said you needed to swap RAM three times. You asked us if you really needed to open up the hardware for this?

(We are right now in the midst of rolling back a hardware replacement, putting a router with a known defect back into service because some guy didn’t think that maybe a set of small electronics screwdrivers would make sense for his kit. Luckily, my PM is cool and decided it was better to just boot the guy than let him continue or, as he offered, drive home for tools.)


…And I’m sure the supposed “stripped screws” have nothing to do with you trying to take the tiny screws out with a screwdriver built for the Ron Jeremy-sized screws they build bridges with…


Any time there is a meeting or conference call where a new policy or procedure is announced, whatever time you’ve allotted for it, double or triple it to allow for all the questions people are going to come up with.


Why yes, I’m really happy our company was acquired and the announcement made to all of us on the first day of my already postponed vacation.

< /game>
This really did happen. I was in three separate 60 or 90 minute calls today while I was trying to pack and get ready to leave tomorrow. Thank Odin for Bluetooth.
Thankfully, I’m one who was chosen to stay on. One of my team has been with us only about a month and was chosen for the “transition” team… 90 days and out.


That may be one of the contributing factors as to why people in the U.S. take less vacation than other countries and check email during vacation: you might not be able to stop something like this from happening, but at least you won’t come back to a massive unpleasant surprise.


Did that, got extended twice (so a total of 9 months). It was a total shit show. I only took the second extension to get through my wedding, and had a fight with the old boss about that.

I got an offer to stay on ‘permanent’ with the company that everything was outsourced to but didn’t really see any incentive to do so. Would have had to work from a remote office a couple days a week for no other reason than being ‘visible’ but also would have given up a pretty impressive severance check for no real certainty.


I think I’m bad luck. First job I got in the field, there was a major shake-up in the department and I got saddled doing what I wasn’t originally hired for until the company made it official. Now with my most recent job, the same exact thing is happening where there’s a very good chance the most of the team in the office will be leaving soon, leaving me the sole “experienced” person.

Not because of anything I did, but because of things beyond my control and beyond my pay grade to worry about. Still, the pattern is worrying and I was just getting used to finally being in a team that didn’t involve just myself and one other person.


Okay, this is getting less and less cute. Either the data is getting altered in a way that isn’t documented or the data itself is wrong.


Will it be possible to do a database backup, then run a diff/compare between the two to see if older data get altered/changed?

IIRC there’s some RAID controllers out there which’ll corrupt your data ubless you’ve upgraded to the latest firmware. Also, some Linux cache software for some filesystem is susceptible to data corruption. —>
Seems Lord Foul is not dead yet.
Third possibility is that somebody is having a merry go at it hammer and tongs, thinking it is a test DB and not a production DB…


Ook, if that was directed to me, what I’m looking at are the units the data is being pulled from. The database is a whole 'nother critter that I don’t have access so. It’s a case of “$System was announced that will do X, Y and Z”, and I’ve noticed that the data from those units that goes into $System doesn’t look right, so what is that going to do to X, Y and Z?