Things you wish you could say (at work)


Yay, a printer is down in South Carolina. Why the hell am I getting an email about it? I’m 3000 miles away.


Hit the road, @Force10. The expense report will be legendary.


So looking at some tickets, and one is (after digging and asking questions) a user can use a Notes Syncing Site when off-premises (on VPN), but not when on-premises.

Obviously, End User wants me to change it so it’s not blocked when on-premises, but I feel like the total BOFH option is to report that I’ve Fixed The Problem by blocking Notes Syncing Site everywhere.


Song of the Printerer… hit the road then!


And take the old highway system… none of that d@mned I-this or I-that… US here and US there.


And do make a detour at Radiator Springs…


I just love meeting conducted via conference calls. Straining to hear what other people are saying because they’re not close to the phone, listening to background noises and conversations because someone forgot to mute theirs. Definitely an effective way of communicating information.


This is yet another reason you should give us the option of direct deposit. No, I am not driving in to an evacuation area to pick up my paycheck tomorrow.


Are you kidding? Is your employer in the stone age or something? I don’t think I’ve ever had an actual cheque in 35 years working. I’ve always had my pay go directly into my account.


I think I’ve complained about actual checks before. It hasn’t been that big of a deal since I can deposit checks with my phone, but in a case like this, it’s a real pain.


I’ve heard two reasons that employers didn’t use direct deposit…
One thought it was more expensive, because ADT or whoever they were using for payroll charged for it. In that case, they also charged for printing the checks, and charged to have them couriered over, so it actually ended up saving the company a few bucks.
The other was a control freak head of accounting who wanted to get an extra day of interest on the funds in the account, so checks were handed out at the end of the day - this was later determined to be against either a company policy or maybe some employment law stipulation that said pay has to be distributed at the beginning of the business day. That situation came to a head when two of the three authorized signers were out of the office, and at that time, paychecks required two signatures. Sooo, paychecks didn’t get distributed on Friday, but on the next Monday. We had direct deposit a few weeks later.


Yeah, that’s almost criminal. We’ve had mandatory “stay off the street” notices here due to snow in the past, and I’d be really frustrated if work depended on going out in something like that.

Mike, are you non-USA? I think so, but can’t remember. We’re weirdly behind on that, but I think most people under 20 consider checks an old people relic. I write less than 5 a year myself, but they’re still a thing.

Direct Deposit is almost omnipresent, but my wife’s work didn’t have it until a couple years back. From what I understand, the old owners didn’t move the payroll to the account until just before it was due, and didn’t qualify for direct deposit despite it costing more to not use it. New owners have fixed that, which is awesome if (say) you’re traveling and see your account go up.

I also have had direct deposit nearly my entire life, but I’ve mostly worked corporate jobs.


I think I’ve mentioned this before, but -not- having direct deposit made me about $1500 once. I’d got fired from what was then Bank One and got two paychecks mailed to me. If they had been direct deposited, I’d have had to give the money back. They were not, I did not and when they asked for the money back, I said ‘No’ and they didn’t have a leg to stand on and they knew it. Bought my first ‘new’ computer with the money.


Yep, I’m in New Zealand. We are small enough that all our banks talk to each other. If I get a cheque from a different bank to mine, I can just go in to my bank and deposit it and let my bank sort it out. This has been the case for the last 35 years or more.

Having said that, the last time I wrote a cheque would have been 10+ years ago. The last time I received a cheque, probably 5 or so years ago. Everything now is done via online banking - I just directly credit the other person’s bank account and vice versa.


Oh, we can do that. Actually, I’m old and actually take checks to the bank, but I guess young’uns do it through a smartphone app.

I pay all the bills I can through my bank, but there’s a few that don’t know how to deal with it. I owe a doctor a bit under $10.00 and have been procrastinating about getting the checkbook out, for example.

Person-Person payments are still often checks, but that’s moving to direct methods, too. My wife has never taken a check for art stuff she sells with the possible exception of murals. Her Square reader is more reliable for shows (or just take cash!).

$Wife as using money orders to pay the HOA bill or water bill for a few months. I nagged her to get a minimum order of checks that should last a few years… I think it was 500 checks, and she uses maybe 20 a year maximum for the bills and misc. payments.


Back on-topic, I really wonder how some of the field techs I work with stay employed. I know there’s a lot brighter people in IT than me, but there’s a lot dimmer, too.


I’m only looking at that web site for a well-known women’s underwear retailer because HR approved a request to unblock it.

(This is true. I just don’t want to be judged by anyone seeing my screen doing the usual post-unblocking testing.)

Update: Also a site for some hotel in Spain. Someone’s going on a nice trip.


Did anyone take the time to check the reports to make sure the results are valid? Because what I’m seeing on the units the data is being retrieved from isn’t matching what the report says. And I’m pretty sure I can identify where it’s wrong. This is going to be a big problem when the reports go live.


Woohoo! More fun!

Is it in CSV format?


I did have to do some amusing CSV mangling this week, but that was because I’m giving the Cisco CLI Analyzer a try.

(It’s a Cisco-made SSH/Telnet client. I used SuperPuTTy previously, but it’s been cranky in various ways. CLI Analyzer isn’t perfect, but it has some nice features: It kind of resembles an IDE for Cisco gear, with context-sensitive highlighting and tools to do stuff. The terminal isn’t bad, but is pretty basic.