Things you wish you could say (at work)


Exit interview in 30 minutes.

Don’t want to throw napalm everywhere, but I do want to drop some truth on my way out.


And? How did the exit interview go?


I managed to clearly state my issues and it was received positively by the HR rep. Apparently the people who bother to fill out their exit interview get paid attention to. I could conceivably have more of an impact by leaving than I have staying the last couple years.


Hopefully, the info gets beyond HR into the hands and mind(s) of someone in a position to fix the problem people (sales trolls, I’m guessing).


From HR to the COO. So maybe, I was here for 8 years and my opinion has been respected on some things before.

edit: And now I’m starting to get the feels… Argh… I have a lot of good memories here to go with the crap.


See the what made you happy thread for the resolution to this little hiccup.


Whut? HR sent out an email today informing us that 24-hour resignations are verboten and totally against the signed employment contracts as well as South African labour law.

Makes me wonder who is willing to burn bridges in a spectacular fashion.

I nearly did at $previous_employer, but decided to stick it out, as I most certainly do not need a black mark on my employment record…

All I can hink of is that some ex-employees had a disciplinary hearing of some sort coming up, and they decided just to up and run instead of facing the music…


I’ll just leave early because, you know, my mind is already on vacation.


The first work I’ve had since November, in my new position that I’ve been transferred to for 3 months, didn’t just take 30 minutes and they were so happy that they put me up for an award.


I get paid by the year.


Boss: Looks like you’ve got time today to get caught up on some of your work.

Me: Yup.

Boss: Oh, by the way, I’ve assigned $Co-worker to help a different department today.

Me (thinking): Well, that lasted all of two minutes.


Sounds a bit like that here.

Management: “Helpdesk has blown out!” “Projects are behind!” “Why haven’t you done [blah blah]?” “You have too much annual leave built up. You need to take some!”

Me: “Well all of these things would be a lot easier for me if I had someone I could delegate to…”

Management: “No budget for that.”

Me: “Seriously I’d be happy with someone just out of school or uni that I can train up. They just need to want to learn.”

Management: “No.”


Okay, let me see if I have this correct.
You use hot desks because you don’t want to pay for office space and your office is at 150% capacity.
My company offered space for this project at a cost that will cover our expenses and that’s about all.
You refused because every other project is overcrowded and why should we be special.

So in a nutshell, you refused an offer to reduce overcrowding because you are overcrowded.

On what planet does that make any sense at all?

I know you are a government department with a reputation for rubbish decisions, but that really takes the cake.


Dear everyone,

I care not one iota about your support issues, so bugger off.




Really? Changed the DNS on an AD system to point to the iSCSI network interfaces?

And no wonder the cluster is fscked, and I cannot get the DC to hand out DNS requests.

Just what the f did you do?


Next iteration of the system I’ll be installing will have a policy of shutting itself down when somebody tampers with it.

Deal with it. I’m still pissed.


Boss: We need to discuss the work you aren’t getting done. And here’s some mandatory projects from corporate.

Me (thinking): I hope co-worker is enjoying his vacation.


I did say “$dev_team_leader, copy the data you really need over from the failing HDD”.

And guess what, it did not get done, and now the HDD is kaputt.



I used to think that I was exaggerating when it felt like you thought all I was doing is complaining or making excuses. Now I see I was exactly right.


I wish I could said I was home because I’m sick, but instead I’m at work and feeling awful.


Is this dude’s last name really Boner? Poor bastard.

Also if the ticketing system could not time out after five minutes of inactivity that would be great.