Things you wish you could say (at work)


I eat my lunch is a closet every day. For an hour. Because if I don’t, people are always asking me quick questions and then letting me get back to my lunch. Which is not relaxing at all. The closet, however, is.


I wish I could say that I haven’t been at the office for most of the weekend, or that I’d get some of that time back with a day or two off to make a long weekend this week.


Here’s an idea. Instead of you interrupting me to tell me what you THINK I am going to ask or what you ASSUME I’m going to say, how about you be polite and let me tell YOU what I really am going to say or ask YOU my question.


I quit.

Wait, I did say that.

I do my job, I perform better than what is expected of me, I have a knowledge base greater than 99% of the company, and I get crapped on for minutia. Got the worst review ever, and got the best raise I have ever gotten… proving even more that I have little to no affect on anything.

I’ve been busting my ass for years, and the sales team isn’t selling anything. They occasionally point fingers at me, and I defend myself successfully, and then they point it again 6 months later.

The restrictions and requirements keep building up, yet none of them actually fix the problem.

So I’m off to stay at home dad land. With possibly a part time job coming up. The local coffee shop is hiring. And my wife just got a commission arrangement that adds 90% of what I was making to her salary.


I have access to what I need for my job.


I’m not totally freaked out by throwing away a salary to stay home.


Throwing a salary away is not an easy decision to make… all of the best @Woodman !


Why do they forward calls from headhunters (looking for the development department) to the IT deparment when we don’t do development? bangs head

Oh wait, my **** is developing, maybe she wanna talk to it rather?


Every day since I’ve put in my notice I’ve been pulled into a mess that I’m the best qualified to fix. And the person who precipitated my departure keeps shaking her head and wondering how they’ll get through without me.

Now, this is selection bias, for all I know she’s shaking her head wondering why I didn’t become helpful until after I quit. (Which would be an interpretation error on her part as well, since I’ve been behind most of this stuff for years.)

I let them know I’d work contract or temp if we could agree on terms.

I also lined up a piece work gig putting together bee frames. Maybe 2-3 hours in my own garage a day, I’m thinking 20-30 bucks a day out of it. I’ve also lined up some temp work with my neighbor restoration general contractor for when he’s overbooked. And there is a hardware store opening in town, little neighborhood store, I might check at working there part time. And my crafts.

And I’ve already volunteered to help with church and my daughter’s music school.


I wasn’t half-asleep when I left, late, for work this AM and forgot my wallet and my entire belt somehow.


Agh, the beltless day. I hate those. Walking around holding my pants up, even if they stay up on their own.


Best of it all - no more stress.


Hey, so far I have a couple orders for Giant Jenga sets and one tenative order for a giant Connect Four.

I expect I’ll have a few of these drop in my lap right away, after this little mini rush I’ll have to hustle.


You could try doing an Etsy page for easy online sales, or a full eCommerce package if you want the hassle but have the time and interest.


I might do Etsy for some stuff later. I like to make copper pipe candle holders and stuff for fun. I might get back into that. I did an Etsy store for my daughter’s crochet a few years ago, we got some hits, but the pricing is a race to the bottom on some of that stuff. And you can’t compete with a “home” factory buying yarn in bulk and employing a dozen people.

But the giant Jenga is about 30 pounds, and online I’d have to call it giant block stacking game, or something similarly obscure.


They had giant jenga on the last cruise I was on… Maybe 5-6 feet tall?


You can set up your own website as an Etsy page using their Pattern service, like I have. It handles all of the shipping and ecom for you for a nominal fee.

See for an example.

Now you got me thinking about making Jenga sets out of 4" cedar posts. Dammit. Is that what you’re doing?


Starting with pine 2x4s. Cut them at 10.5" and make 54 of them, which is 6 8 ft boards. Sand them, Stain/paint/whatever them, and finish with finishing wax.

If there is interest, start doing custom colors, etching, and wood burning kits. Also offer wooden carrying case.

You can also do with 2x3s, make them 7.5" long. Smaller and slightly safer.

A cedar set would be incredibly awesome, but I’m not sure how you’d get your money back out of it. I’d consider custom wood a special order item.

Also in the same vein, wooden dice made from 4x4s. But I’d need a drill press, which I can buy if I sell a couple Jenga sets.


Hmmmm… if only…

Maybe I can get into woodworking as a side job? Will need a working space, machinery and stuff before I can proceed.


Some interesting things in that store of yours… What’s the shipping price to AU like?

(Although something tells me it wasn’t your foot in that high-heel, so gracefully modelling the dancer’s ankle wallet…)