Things you wish you could say (at work)

I have plenty of my own tickets. Kindly don’t try to pawn off someone else’s tickets on me as well.

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Here in the People’s Republic of NY our exits are still sequentially numbered, not mile markers. Except I-87 north of Albany. It’s finally getting Exit #3 after 50-some years. It used to skip from 2 to 4.

But you know what? I have no clue what number exit I get off the highway to go to work. I only know it by the street name.

Maryland is numbered exits… I think they are also matching to mile markers, and I think federal roads may need to adopt that standard eventually?

But some areas I’ve vacationed in just use mile markers for navigation: “Look for Bob’s BBQ at Mile Marker 13!”

I work on the edge of a college campus: The beginning of the semester was interesting as we had some lost students in our office park.

This is going to be an easy conversation.

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Memories of driving from Albany to Buffalo on I-90 and thinking "it’s been a few miles since the last exit, why did it only increment by one.

Of course until a little over a decade ago, California didn’t number exits at all. We do now and it’s by mile markers. Lets you know how big California is traveling north-south when you hit Exit 796 on I-5 shortly before the Oregon border.

When I researched this yesterday it looks like that is adherence to a recent-ish federal standard.

Yeah, similar number on I-10 entering Texas from Louisiana. Exit 878 or 880, I think. I definitely prefer exits numbered by the mile than sequentially.

Our exits are also numbered (sequentially for the most part) on our roads.

A plus of sequentially-numbered exits is that sometimes the GPS will display on its screen which exit to take, which may also include the exit number, which is a definite plus to confirm that, yes, this is the exit you really need to take.

And people waiting till the last minute before drifting over 2 (or more) lanes to the exit really piss me off, poor forward planning!

You avoided the proper planning and recommended methods of getting help from other teams for this project. It is not my fault if you’ve run out of time with the vendor to install and you want me to make major changes to a system I need to plan changes for a week in advance.

This is why we migrate things properly instead of just mashing domains together and praying. This has created way too much extra work on my part and it’s not the first time.

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Ugh i know where i work doesn’t pay the best, but its bad when and employee quits because of it, then they contract the same employee to come back for even more money.

But is it enough more to compensate for having to pay all the taxes, and the time consuming headache of keeping track of all that? (Hopefully that is some consolation for you. :slight_smile: )

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Minimum word count must be met to post

OK, you totally disrupted my morning by calling me to a meeting at another office then canceling said meeting. I am not amused.

And then scheduling a new meeting to cover what was supposed to be in the first meeting. But different.

It’s obvious you don’t like me (which is fine) and that you think I suck at my job (which is untrue). But now you’re trying to get me fired. Kindly fuck off.


If you want tonerer for the printerer I need two things.

  1. What color tonerer?
  2. Which bloody printerer?
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Good solid questions, yes.

$Wife had a similar issue this morning.

We had done an upgrade at her work last weekend and there were a couple minor issues. She took care of the problems this morning but one tricky one was a printer not printing. Support asked if it had ink… Staff confirmed it had ink and it partially printed.

She checked it and, in fact, the ‘replace ink’ light was on. Guess how the problem was solved?

I said “welcome to IT!” when she told me the story.

PLEASE tell me that this isn’t the final phase of construction on this part. It can be bad enough to have an onramp coming from an overpass where you can’t see any vehicles descending until they’re almost at the merge point. It can be bad enough to have a popular exit that isn’t easily visible and people suddenly dart over to it.

But to make the onramp join the highway and about .08 of a mile later is the start of that exit, ON THE INSIDE OF A CURVE? Are you nuts? If you’re trying to create an accident magnet, you succeeded.

I measured it with the trip meter on my car. From the point where the onramp meets the highway to the start of the exit is less than a tenth of a mile. You’re forcing people to evaluate the traffic that suddenly becomes visible and may either merge onto the highway or stay in their lane to take the exit, plus the traffic on the highway that wants to take that exit, all in about seven seconds.