Things you wish the other driver could hear, v3.0


Meh, I would say something is closed at least once a month here due to accidents. And no real good ways directly or easily around them. Luckily we only have a million oe so on the road so delays are usually around an hour or so.

I was always taught to learn several ways to any place I go regularly, so I can make it to work no problem. Idk, guess that’s my family’s military background - always prepared. Can’t grow up around a Marine and slack off. :grin::woman_shrugging:


The issue is the five to ten miles between exits. Doesn’t matter if the traffic is clear when you pass mile marker 214, the two hour delay at mile marker 210 hasn’t started yet.


True. Ours is usually only a couple of miles between exits so it’s not too bad. Further out of town it gets bad but I rarely venture out bubble so… :grin:


By “around here”, I meant the Houston area, not the whole country. Yes, Dallas is similar with most freeways having frontage roads.

But you’re somewhat out in the country, right? I’m talking about city (urban/suburban vs rural) driving. There aren’t too many places in town where the exits are that far apart. Around here, people use freeways a lot. My commute is only 9 miles, but I generally get on the freeway for part of it, and even when I don’t, there isn’t a good way to get where I’m going without at least using the frontage road, so really, I’m still accessing part of the Interstate system’s infrastructure.


I’m 19 miles from the loop around Indy. There are two exits (214 and 210, I’m at 219) between me and exit 206 where it gets to about one exit a mile. For the loop it’s an exit every mile or two, in some spots three or four, and the highways going downtown have one about every mile or two as well. In downtown itself there are quite a few exits, but that’s inside the city grid. Hell, most of the loop is inside the city grid.

Keep in mind, I70, I65, I74, and I69 all go through town (74 and 69 share routes with 465 in a lot of town). With I465 going around the loop. I read once that Indianapolis has the most miles of interstate going through the city.

Most highways don’t have frontage roads here, they were either placed through open cornfields, or through the city. When a lot of these roads were built there was no there there.


The layouts here are so much different that most other places. I’m totally spoiled by frontage roads. I’m 20 miles from the loop, I-610, and 10 miles outside Beltway 8, but just a couple miles inside the Grand Parkway*, which is ±30 miles from downtown. I could get on the feeder road at 610 and drive north for probably 40 miles, into the next county, through Houston, Spring, The Woodlands, and Conroe - all on the feeder road. There are places along the northern stretch where the exits are more than 1.5-2 miles apart, but with three to six lanes each way and wide shoulders, there is usually a way around even very major accidents with fuel spills. Major accidents during our extended “rush hour” periods** make things miserable, but even then, you’re not often at a dead stop for more than a minute or two (though you might be at a dead stop 20 times in 15 minutes… stop, creep forward, stop, creep forward… Arg.)

I haven’t been to Indy in many years, but as I recall, it is a lot like Cincy. Freeway exits go to whatever street and that’s it. Seems like most of the DC area is like that, too.

  • We have three loops! Plans for the Grand Parkway go back to the 60s, and were revived & firmed up in the 80s, but a lot of people along the routes crapped themselves when the state actually started building it several years ago. It isn’t done yet, though; only goes about half way around continuously.

** Rush hours are 6:30 - 9am and 3-7pm, but Mondays and Fridays are sometimes earlier/later.


I complain, but usually you just drive right in. It’s when two semi’s get tipsy, or a family of alpacas gets smashed in the road when you just don’t go anywhere for ages.

Yesterday a car merged into the front of a semi and that was it for traffic for almost two hours. At least the lifeline didn’t have to show up, that’s another hour at least. Thankfully I heard it on the radio and was going the other way, but it saved me from trying to go back that way.

And yeah, Indy was designed by the same guy who designed DC.

I live 30 miles from the center of indy, 20 miles from the loop, and 10 miles from two feeder towns. And inside a small town.


Got this happening to me on Friday morning :


I had someone keep trying to get in front of me on the A1(S/B) slip for the A69, revving up in his available space which just wasn’t getting him in front of me (I was holding pace just behind car in front of him in the next lane) and then trying to just swerve into the 9 or 10 centimetres of space that just wasn’t there. Once he gave up and got behind me, he tailgated.

I have a rule for tailgaters. I drive the exact speed limit.

As soon as he could pass me, he tried. Revving all the way up to maybe 60mph… but we’re still in the 40 zone for the junction. He gets all of 400 yards before the police car that lurks in the service road comes roaring out with the flashers on.

I was happy :smiley:


Use your windscreen washer in copious amounts. Nothing p*** them off like having to drive in your spray :smiley:

Not sure how he will react - try to cut you off and “talk some sense” to you… :thinking:


I don’t do that. I slow down below the speed limit. The closer they tailgate, the more I slow down.
They actually advised this in the defensive driving course I took (many years ago now). Because they are so close behind you they don’t have any reaction time, and you slowing down means that you have a better chance of not being in an accident. Plus it really pisses them off :slight_smile:


I’ve read both ways, in any case get the hell away from them. Either speed up, or slow down.

Wolf packs on teh highway are how people die.


I watched some f**k almost take out a motorcyclist because the person in the car just wast paying any attention to what was going on around them.


Reminds me of a conversation I just had in the car with someone recently…

Them: Ugh, so annoying, why are motorcycles so loud?
Me: Would you have noticed it if it wasn’t?
Them: No, probably not.
Me: Well there ya go.