Things you wish the other driver could hear, v3.0


A beautiful drive! You’re lucky you’ve caught us having this “sunshine” stuff :slight_smile:


I packed for actual Scottish weather. Half my bag was shit I didn’t need. I wasn’t pleased.


There’s one thing about our weather that you can be sure of - you can’t predict it more than a few days ahead, and sometimes not even that :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s because of the haggis? Must be. :stuck_out_tongue:


The Polar Vortex Haggis Sharknado Effect.
Yeah, I’ve heard of it.


Oh man you guys have no idea how bad last winter was for us; there were sharks and haggis everywhere and once the snow melted they all started rotting! :skull:


What the ever loving… Why? I have reported this guy to the CHP. He was weaving in and out of traffic, then settled in behind me to tailgate for a minute. He then pulls over two lanes, pulls back into my lane, deliberately cutting me off and forcing me to hit the brakes to avoid collision, throws a cup at me, then takes the next exit. I have it on video.

Edit: Taking a close look at the video, it looks like a can blew out of the back of his truck just after he pulled in front of me, so he didn’t actually throw anything at me. That makes me feel a bit better.


The maximum speed for you to split lanes with your bike is 45 mph. Not 75.


I never understood splitting lanes as it seems too dangerous to me and I have many years of experience riding motorcycles.


When traffic is stopped or moving at no more than 15 mph, I’ll split lanes. This has saved me a lot of time during commute hours.


I lane split all the time on the bike. If the traffic is doing less than 80 (them’s kilometers, not miles, per hour) and it’s safe to do so, then I will.


Apparently, in the US, that’s only legal in California. I guess that explains why I rarely see it here. When I do, though, you can see people in other cars get all kinds of upset.


Well yeah, what if I want to get out of my car while going 30 mph on the highway?


Ha! Every once in a while, when a freeway is backed up to the point of a dead stop, I see someone decide that it is a good time/place to get out of the car, either to grab something out of the trunk, or to try to see what the issue is up ahead. Either way, not a smart move.

But really, I only very rarely see lane splitting here. I didn’t know it was legal anywhere. When I have seen it, it has usually been at a traffic signal. I don’t know if that is more or less dangerous than when highway traffic is moving slow. In either case, around here, if someone leaves a gap then someone else is probably going to juke over and fill the gap, and I doubt they’re expecting someone to be zipping up the dotted line.


Come to California. You’ll see it all the time.


That’s in the Americainian States, right? No thanks.


I’ve gotten out of my car, gotten a blanket out and laid down in the median after meeting all my new neighbors while we waited for the cleanup crew and the lifeline helicopter.


Stop rubbernecking and keep on driving.

You’ll cause other people to drive into your car, causing another accident, oh lookee, all lanes are now clogged with traffic, well done.


That’s kind of an extreme situation, though. It isn’t often that the freeway in town is completely shut down. All the freeways around here have feeder/frontage roads, so even for the worst wrecks, they can usually shunt traffic off to the feeder road to bypass. I have seen impromptu picnics way out in the country, though.


Not in California they don’t. That was something I had to get used to when I lived in Dallas.