Things you wish the other driver could hear, v3.0


Happens here as well.

Three lane road. Farting along in the middle lane at a relaxed 75km/h after a stop at a traffic light.

Road narrows from the left to a two-lane road.

Still puttering away in the middle lane (now the leftmost lane after the merge), whereupon such a noise from a hooter arrested my attention on my left. Seems somebody was trying to gun for the gap between my car and the narrowing road, but failed, and was most upset that I did not give him a chance. Aw shame.

Just waved at him and drove on like nothing happened.


Sorry to disagree but in some places, that’s what you’re supposed to do…


Seems like this was discussed before.

In some places, they have instituted “zipper merge”, but in everyplace I’ve lived, you’re supposed to plan ahead and merge earlier. But instead there are a ton of bozos who wait until the last minute, or worse, whip out to the right, zip ahead, and cut someone off while they squeeze in where they don’t belong, inconveniencing person they cut off who has to hit the brakes and maybe even stop, which just makes the backup worse for eveyone else down the line. (“Just gotta get ahead of three more cars!”)

To me, the exception is when you’re crawling along, and some jackass is apparently incapable of keeping pace and has had enough room for three cars and a dump truck in front of them for the last friggin mile. Yeah, I’m going to try to get ahead of that dipshit if at all possible. Especially in 2+ lanes going the same way and a stream of cars from the next lane are moving in front of Mr. or Ms. Inattentive. Extra bonus when they’re reading War and Peace on their phone. Perfect time to make use of those extra pennies in the console… toss a couple out the window and let them ping off the car and bring them back to reality.

Sorry, I just got back from a client’s office and it took me twice as long as it should have because of traffic.


The dashed line separating each lane means you can move over to the main lane at any time. CaffeinatedNoms, if traffic is supposed to wait until the point where the road narrows into one lane, then they need to use a solid line to show you’re not supposed to move to the other lane until that last point.


Whenever we have holiday weekends, the police close off the passing lane part of all the passing lanes, leaving just a single lane. This is a recent change in the last 10 or 15 years (yep, I’m old. 10 or 15 years is recent).
They started implementing it because people were are too stupid to realise that they actually slow things down by overtaking and then merging again when there is really heavy traffic.

I can understand both viewpoints though. @CaffeinatedNoms’ way can be valid if you have two full lines of traffic. It gives a set point to effect the merge and means less for people to get distracted about. Merging too early can actually cause more problems than it fixes. We have an example of this on our way home at night where people are trying to merge cross 2 lanes of traffic to get to an off-ramp on the other side of the road. Except that the off-ramp is 3km down the road and if they used the full merging lane to get up to road speed they would still have plenty of time to get across and wouldn’t hold up all the other traffic.


It doesn’t matter how good your brakes are or if you have a braking assist featuring in your car/truck if the person behind you doesn’t also have it. You might stop in time, but you can’t count on the one behind you being able to.