Things you wish the other driver could hear, v3.0


I don’t think I’ve ever seen all of that movie. I’ve seen a lot of parts here and there, but not the whole thing all in one sitting.


it’s worth watching in the sense that I think it’s a great movie to have on while you’re doing something else.



Maybe after the third or fourth time. But Lithgow alone is worth watching with all attention.


“It makes-a de ganglia TWITCH!”


I always wanted to be a Hong Kong Cavalier…


Me too! A bit embarrassing to admit, but I used to put the theme song on while I was walking on the treadmill and do the HKC March. :slight_smile:


I know this isn’t the place to mention it but that message really irks me… the comma is correctly slanted as a comma should be, but both apostrophes are block rather than styled. You should have one or the other, this isn’t Facebook! :joy:


I feel your pain.

Actually, I didn’t see it until you mentioned it, but now I can’t unsee it. That kind of thing makes my ganglia twitch, too. (I’m sure I’ve seen a clip of that somewhere along the way.)


Because it’s summer, the summer sales will be starting soon, which brings my most hated of incorrect punctuation use.


See now, the £ might look a bit like an E if you’re not looking at it, but it is in fact an L, for Libra (as in weight, because £=lb). So what these posters are declaring is a sall.

Sall is a village in Denmark.


I thought it looks more like an F…


We occasionally see “$ALE” her, but it is more prevalent on Craigslist than retail. Maybe because it does not send a message of savings but reminds people that they’re spending money. It kinda starts off putting “cha-ching!” in your head.


You’re already wasting money by smoking cigarettes. Do you realize that smoking a cigarette while you’re riding a motorcycle means that the wind passing by is going to cause the cigarette to burn faster, thereby wasting even more money?


Having smoked for twenty years, yes they know, and no they don’t care.


Dear $hyundai driver.

Your poopy car is no match for a 1.8t sharan. First you braked at the start of the join, then practically crawled onto the highway, and that irritated me, whereupon I decided to overtake you. Now, trying to out accelerate me after joining the highway just won’t work. My engine did not sweat it at all, I kept pace with you and prevented you from getting in front of me. (Yeah, I know, it was petty of me).

I hope you enjoy being stuck behind slow-moving traffic for a while.

As Mr T would’ve said “Sucka”!


And another numpty in a flashy toyota… For some reason he was very, very important, and honked at me when I stopped at a red traffic lighr, waiting for it to turn green. When I ignored him, said person drove around my car and through the red light.

Pity there wasn’t any karma cops around. :frowning:

They can hoot all they want, I’m not driving through a red traffic light, because of the possibility of traffic police. Let them go first and have a nice chat with said officers, I have got better things to do with my time and money.


I’m not sure if that was a typo, but even if it was it reads wonderfully — especially since I always refer to such cockwombles as ‘important’ too; “See him? He’s very important. He’s so important, the level crossing barriers will have to be reset before any of us can move now” (loosely based on the time someone overtook me as I waited at a level crossing where the lights had just come on and the barriers were lowering.


Uhm, I drive a Hyundai…


But do you drive it poorly?


Lol, no offence meant towards you :slight_smile:


Every fscking day, on my commute away from work.