Things you wish the other driver could hear, v3.0


But what are they for?


I’d guess they are so someone behind you can see you better than they could without them. I don’t particularly see the point for a country where fog is as rare as @Ook has indicated. Possible cross-post with “Politics Is Stupid”? :man_shrugging:


Some cars imported to Australia had/have rear fog lights.

Over the years I’ve heard owners equipped with these insist that it makes their car more visible, but it actually has the opposite effect.

In my state it’s illegal to use them unless it is actually foggy (as are front fog lights), and you will get pinged for it if you leave them on when they’re not needed.


I leave my (front) fog lights on all the time. Or rather, they automatically come on with the headlights at dusk. I usually leave the headlights on auto. But they only illuminate the road for about 30-40 feet in front of the truck, about where the headlights start; I have’t modified them to shine upwards, like some jackasses do.


We used to live on Otis Airforce Base on Cape Cod, and there was a bridge that crossed the canal that cut the corner of the cape. A friend of my dad’s was always getting blinded by headlights coming over the crest of the bridge, so he wired in a landing stip spotlight to his truck. Next time someone blinded him he flipped the switch and blew the entire electronic system in his truck… and since it was a divided bridge he got to sit there for a while while the the cop he had flashed with the gabillion lumen light turned his flashers on and went to the end of the bridge and came back to ticket him.

That being said, I find that it’s more often BMWs or Audis with horrific blue lights pointed at my face than yahoos with light bars.


I shouldn’t laugh at someone else’s expense.
I shouldn’t laugh at someone else’s expense.
I shouldn’t laugh at someone else’s expense.



It was 40 years ago, you can laugh now.


I have heard about (and sometimes wished for) an aircraft landing light mounted flush in my rear bumper.

Momentary switch under the dash… tailgate ME will ya?


“Switching to guns.”


If you can source a 24V power supply for it… These buggers are quite bright!