Things you wish the other driver could hear, v3.0


I just installed my new dash cam yesterday. I’ve witnessed three accidents in the last month and a half, and the last one was bad.


I refer to this as “DWA” or “Driving While Asleep.”

I don’t care the root cause - if you can’t see the whole road I don’t want you to be sharing it with me.


Really bro?

That is not a cool move.

Also watch the layout of the road, this I will post in the relevant thread as soon as google earth updates their maps. Lovely charlie foxtrot.


I wish that the drivers where I live (upper midwest) could hear me calling them paste-eating, mouth-breathing shit-spackled muppet taints for driving like idiots.


Bleh. Not nice. Partial heads-on collision.

At least nobody died.


Facepalm at merc driver.


(pedestrian this time)
Are you trying to test your company’s disaster recovery procedures? (The “hit by a bus” ones)
The pedestrian traffic light has just turned from flashing red to solid red. You know that means that the bus’s light is just going to turn green. Why would you choose this moment to start crossing the road? And why the heck are you pretending to be surprised and outraged that the bus tooted at you? You caused the driver to slam on his brakes - of course he is going to toot you moron.


You see those blinking yellow lights? You see how they are attached to a sign hanging over the street that says “Crosswalk”? You see how they are not attached to the sign on the side of the road with the school zone speed limit? You see how those lights that are on the school zone speed limit are currently off?

Then why are you slowing down to 20 mph? The standard speed limit for this street is in effect.