Things you wish the other driver could hear, v3.0


I just installed my new dash cam yesterday. I’ve witnessed three accidents in the last month and a half, and the last one was bad.


I refer to this as “DWA” or “Driving While Asleep.”

I don’t care the root cause - if you can’t see the whole road I don’t want you to be sharing it with me.


Really bro?

That is not a cool move.

Also watch the layout of the road, this I will post in the relevant thread as soon as google earth updates their maps. Lovely charlie foxtrot.


I wish that the drivers where I live (upper midwest) could hear me calling them paste-eating, mouth-breathing shit-spackled muppet taints for driving like idiots.


Bleh. Not nice. Partial heads-on collision.

At least nobody died.


Facepalm at merc driver.


(pedestrian this time)
Are you trying to test your company’s disaster recovery procedures? (The “hit by a bus” ones)
The pedestrian traffic light has just turned from flashing red to solid red. You know that means that the bus’s light is just going to turn green. Why would you choose this moment to start crossing the road? And why the heck are you pretending to be surprised and outraged that the bus tooted at you? You caused the driver to slam on his brakes - of course he is going to toot you moron.


You see those blinking yellow lights? You see how they are attached to a sign hanging over the street that says “Crosswalk”? You see how they are not attached to the sign on the side of the road with the school zone speed limit? You see how those lights that are on the school zone speed limit are currently off?

Then why are you slowing down to 20 mph? The standard speed limit for this street is in effect.


Driver 1 cuts off driver 2. Driver 2 decides to get back at them by speeding up and then cutting in front of driver 1. Driver 1 flips off driver 2. Driver 2 doesn’t see it.

Okay, everybody got it out of their system? Good, because I’d like to get back to drama-free driving. KTHXBY


You f&%$ing twatwaffle!
I know it’s frustrating being behind someone doing 40 kph under the speed limit, but the time to overtake them is when you catch up to them. NOT after you’ve slowed down to their speed and you’ve got someone else just about to overtake you
Slamming on my brakes at 100 kph is not actually something I do for fun. Try looking in your mirrors before changing lanes in the future. Also try indicating. You may have some vague idea of where you are going, but nobody else does.


See this sort of thing happen a lot of time on dashcam vid channels.

Two lanes. One lane is clogged with vehicles, other is open to infinity.

Person going at speed down in open lane. Some $person somewhere front ahead decide that now is a good time to go into the open lane, and switch lanes without looking, causing the person moving down at speed in the open lane to collide with said $person…


Whenever I find myself in the open lane in this situation I actually slow down a bit (maybe 5 mph or so, nothing major) and keep my eye on the other lane because I know some jagoff is going to jump out there at some point, usually without using their blinker.


Driving four hours each way with the camper didn’t kill anyone. Though driving back through Louisville that almost didn’t happen. At one of those wonderful entrance/exit lanes a couple cars wouldn’t get out of each other’s way, so the one in front of me slowed down to 20, from 55… I’m in a 5.5k pound truck, hauling a 5k pound trailer…

I’m other news, I went to a gas station where I tried to drive behind it and then had to back 75 feet down a dead end to get back out, and had to back out of and turn around at the pump as well.And

Getting much better at driving this rig.


Daytime running lights are not headlights. I’ve been watching you from Berkeley to San Rafael driving with your headlights off. At 8:30 PM in full dark.


And then, on the other side of the fence, you get those who insists on driving with their rear foglights on at night. When it is not needed.



I didn’t even know this was a thing.



Is this for backing up in the fog?


Yeah I’ve seen front fog lights but never rear ones.


You guys must be lucky.

Rear fog lights are brighter than brake lights, and tend to impair your vision, especially at night.

Seems as if every model of car sold in SA is gleefully outfitted with rear fog lights. :roll_eyes:

Sad part is that we don’t have any foggy weather here :roll_eyes:


Legal requirement here, but front ones aren’t. You always get at least one idiot turning them on because it’s a bit drizzly and blinding everyone behind them.