Things you wish the other driver could hear, v3.0


We actually went a step further with this, as have a few other European nations. Behold, the Mandatory Minimum Speed Limit sign!


In these circumstances, unless you are prevented by standing traffic, it is an offence to drive too slow. Technically any road in the UK with a speed limit of 70 (that is, Motorways, Clearways, and Dual Carriageways - freeways and divided highways to the rest of you) also has a mandatory minimum of 30 because all vehicles that are required to use a yellow warning light are prohibited (with the exception of pre-planned convoys, which are accompanied by vehicles that flank front and rear with ABNORMAL LOAD pasted all over them).


I’m not talking about driving too slow, I’m talking about not driving too fast.

Some of our highways also have a minimum speed. I always try to approach or exactly match the speed of the road I’m on. If it’s dangerous to follow the laws, then I’m a gigantic freaking hazard. I also come to a complete stop at all stop signs and use my signal lights to indicate my intent to change lanes or make a turn. I’m a monster.

15 years ago I got a speeding ticket and I was being passed by other traffic. That one event may have coloured my driving habits a bit where posted speeds are concerned.


Ah, I see you don’t drive a BMW then :joy:


I swear when you buy a BMW they must make you take a mandatory “how to drive like an a-hole” course before they hand you the keys.


Ouch. I drove an '87 BMW 535is for a while. I loved that car. I wish I could afford a newer one, but… finances.

I do know what you mean, though. I’ve seen a lot of a-hole BMW drivers.


But my post was in response to your response to this post (is that clear enough?)

And all those things you do, I also do. In addition, if someone is following too close I slow down


I drive a Mini, which is (essentially) a cadet branch of the BMW family where they try weird stuff and see what sticks.

Anyway, relevant comment here is the turn signal control sucks. It usually responds best if I tap it the same direction to deactivate, but sometimes, especially when it’s cold, opposite direction seems to work better. But sometimes, opposite direction just inverts which set of turn signals is on.

And it’s very quiet, minimal audible ticking.

So, yes, the car itself is (partially) at fault.


I agree with driving to the conditions.

I do not agree with some spaztard driving at 20 under the limit when there is no reason to. (Eg: on a freeway where there are no other cars on the road, good conditions, etc, etc.)


Funny you should mention. A (young, P2-licenced) mate of mine has just lobbed in Melbourne to pick up some things, and he says other motorists tend to drive much slower than the posted limit.

I told him that is because Vicroads is very strict on what is and is not speeding so nobody wants to take any chances.


To two idiots on the road today: There is no reason to be going 55+ mph in a 40 mph zone. Now two old people are seriously injured, (a helicopter was called), your car and theirs are totaled, and the road is going to be closed for the next several hours.

On a personal note, I got to spend some time shaking because the crash happened in front of me, and now I’m exhausted and just want to go to sleep since the adrenaline has worn off. Don’t drive like an a$$h0l3!

Edit: This is the third accident I’ve witnessed in the last month and a half. That dash camera that’s been in my wishlist? I just bought it.


Traffic jam to the left. Traffic jam to the right.

Traffic jam ahead.

Then what are you doing sniffin’ mah ass, yo?


My lane. Not your lane. No merging into the part I’m using.


Dear special snowflakes

Traffic is caused by the likes of you driving past slow-moving traffic on the shoulder (left and right) and then trying to push into the queue at the front, thereby causing more traffic.

Kindly stop doing numpty numbskull things like these, stay in your queue and be patient.




says the roadsign. That one right there. You see it, next to the completely empty Lane 2 while we’re all sat in Lane 1.


Ja, I’ve notices that some people tend to blithely follow the car in front of them, slow down and stop with the car in front of them, but it will never occur to them to overtake in the empty lane next to them.

And this happened to myself as well… Never noticed the empty lane or thought of overtaking.


Ook, it’s tunnel vision. People focus on a specifc area and items that are slightly left/right/up/down from that are invisible. You can be in the middle of a three-lane highway with someone right behind you and the other two lanes are empty. That person will not move to a different lane and will keep driving close behind you for miles. However, if you change lanes, they suddenly see the open space in front of them and then they will accelerate and pass you.

I’ve even seen this in other situations. People look at an object and they can’t see a specific point because it’s one inch to the right of where they’re looking. Makes doing phone support much fun. There’s times I’m like that, so I don’t gripe about it too much.

Regarding the people behind your car that are too close behind but won’t make a lane change on their own, they’re relying on you to protect them. “I don’t have to watch the road ahead because the car in front of me is doing that.”

I’ve seen too many examples of bad driving to trust anyone else for my safety. If I can’t see the road ahead through the windows of the vehicle in front of me, such as they have tinted windows or solid doors, or see around the sides of the vehicle, I move to a different lane.

Good advice about driving I saw on a website a long time ago: “People are idiots and they are actively trying to kill you.”


Something I wish my own car could hear:

  1. Just because I increase the temperature, doesn’t mean I want the fan speed to also increase.
  2. Just because I turn on the defrost, doesn’t mean I want the fan to run at full speed.


This is all your car is hearing over the fan noise.