Things you wish the other driver could hear, v3.0


I hate parking in parking garages. I try to just park on the top floor away from the door. Big trucks just aren’t meant to fiddle around in them.


27 point turn FTW!

Hence the limits I’ve placed on any new truck I get. 2 doors is good(I don’t like people. You guys are all imaginary so you’re fine) with a 6 foot bed.


Yeah, I got four doors because it’s the travel vehicle. The Ram 1500 is supposed to have the most passenger room per seat of any vehicle, it’s pretty roomy. But I did get the smaller bed.

It’s still yuge.


Good to hear! Althoguh my hearing is, I presume, imaginary.

I’ve had a similar discussion if I get rid of the Mini I’m currently driving. I’ve discussed getting another Jeep, and my wife wants the 4-door but I’m fine with 2.


I’m back and forth. I want a Jeep (learned to drive on an old Wily’s) but don’t want to give up having a truck. For just running around, a 2 door Jeep would be fine but then I think I could do a 4 door and buy a Scrambler body kit and turn it into a truck-like vehicle. Then there’s the actual Jeep truck coming soon and the new Ranger that I’m interested in seeing. So it all boils down to buying nothing and just waiting.


I want the new Bronco.


This is all LBJ’s fault. Him and his damn chicken tax.


I dunno. All the Mopar guys that ride in my F-150 SuperCrew have the same “Damn, it’s big in here” reaction.


Jebus a few raindrops hit the road and you all turn into blithering idiots who double my commute time.


Replace “raindrops” with “snowflakes” and that’s me 4 months of the year.


I want Dodge to update the PowerWagon.

Remember Rick Simon’s?


Like this?


A wee rainstorm together with a few seconds of tiny hail pips totally caused gridlock at the office as world+dog tried to get home earlier. (office is situated in an office park, there’s only two exits).



Damned straight… apparently JUST like that.


I had no idea they had done it, I just searched to see what was up. I’m not quite as happy with my truck now.


They need to stop teasing us with the gas and give us the diesel


You errant pack of retarded, knuckle-dragging spanner-heads…


I swear that a one-legged toddler on a tricycle would be faster than you…

{deep breath}
OK, Viking… Just relax now…
{deep breath}
Here, have a beer…
{glug glug glug}
Ah… that feels better.


Legally, they’re in the right. The posted speed is the MAXIMUM speed limit. Sometimes I’m doing 50 in a 60 zone. I try to drive the limit, but I might miss a sign. If someone feels the need to do 80 in a 60, they’re in the wrong.

It can be frustrating, sure. Just enhance your calm. Unless you’re headed to the hospital and have a passenger bleeding to death, you don’t have to pretend it’s NASCAR.

“If you ain’t passin’, you ain’t winnin’!”
-some wannabe race car driver somewhere, probably

People scream around me all the time. They ride my bumper and pass in poor places and in bad conditions. It infuriates them that I drive the speed limit, and when they go by I wave 2 fingers rapidly front-to-back like I’m saying GO GO GO! I catch up to them at the next set of lights and almost every time they give me the finger through the rear window. I just wave back, which I’m sure increases their rage.


Ja, I’m also one of the guys who tend to drive well below the speed limit.

Because what’s the rush? And I also tend to use less fuel, and drive more relaxed.


That depends. Over here there is actually a law that says you aren’t allowed to travel at a speed that holds other traffic up - and if you are travelling slower than the speed limit, you must pull over to let other traffic past.

Of course that law is rarely ever enforced, despite the frustration caused when someone has 10 or so cars lined up behind them. It’s far better to penalise someone travelling 5 km/h over the speed limit than someone who causes frustration