Things you wish the other driver could hear, v3.0


Oh man I’ve not seen that video in forever! But yes, exactly like that :rofl:




Oh what a shame sir, that the cops would pull you off and have a nice discussion with you regarding your road manners after you ignored a solid line and squeezed into the space in front of my car.

Really a shame sir, hope you had a nice chat and got a raffle ticket too.


I had a little Ford Festiva, and at the end of it’s life I could have seen doing something like that for shits and giggles.


Threadus Resurrectus!

Was changing lanes twice, over-revving your engine and slamming on your breaks to get from behind to in front of me really worth it? Especially since when the light changed you didn’t notice for a good five seconds?


I so love it when such a person get their just desserts.

A long while ago I stopped at a roadside gas station (fuel) for some gas and a bite to eat. When I departed, some guy in a big, fancy Merc got to the front somehow and flat-out accelerated on the highway…

…speed cops was trapping traffic about 5kms away under a bridge, you could not see them until you were on top of them…

…and I passed Mr Flat-out-Merc getting a good talking-to from the cops.

Never saw him on the road after that anymore.


My pet hate is special snowflakes using the yellow lane/hard shoulder/side of the road to pass slow-moving or stopped traffic just to “get ahead as they’re moar imporkant” than the rest of us plebs stuck in traffic.

And causing even more traffic when they have to merge somewhere in front. Grrrr.


Ugh, merging. Don’t get me started. No so much a lost art as a skill that either hasn’t been taught or most need a refresher course. Around hear, at least. I’ve heard some midwest state settled on zipper-merging and has done a pretty good job of using advertising to train the locals. (It is likely that I may have originally heard about it earlier in this thread.)


I also try to use zipper-style merging, but you know… special snowflakes have different thought processes…


Californians definitely don’t know how to merge because they all think they’re the most important person on the road and everyone else is just in their way. It gets worse the closer you get to Los Angeles. I’m convinced that 75% of traffic jams are caused by people who can’t or won’t merge. And whenever someone does the shoulder thing, or (as is more common) doesn’t want to merge until the last second so they can get in front of a few more cars, I yell “nobody let that fucker in”, but someone always does.


I can’t say that I’ve never done the same.

Ok, I yell that on a regular basis. Thankfully, usually with the windows closed.


Really. When there is traffic, you’ll get allsorts of speshul snowflakes driving on either the left/right hard shoulder or both. And it includes the yellow lane (left/right depending on the country you’re in).

They don’t think of the consequences (blocked emergency services, another accident) and blithely zoom past you chortling to themselves how clever they must be - then they make the traffic even worse when they have to merge back into the stream of obedient drivers.



They should be flogged.


Cat o’ nine tails?


Every time I see someone on the shoulder I yell “Nobody let that fucker in!”. But someone always does.


When I was younger, and dumber. My ex-wife and I, before we were married, used to drive back and forth from where she was at Ball State to my place. This was mostly on a two lane highway, 69 actually. We would pass slow people together, back at this time it was a 70 mph highway that many people easily exceeded 90. I would pass on the right, in the breakdown lane, and she would pass on the left. Or when they were in the left lane we would both pass on the right with her in the right hand lane and me in the break down lane, sometimes with one of us in the far left breakdown lane if it was there. We’d also set up rolling roadblocks on annoying people,

No cell phones, so it’s not like we coordinated this or had any safety margins. We were both just young, dumb, and indestructible. I have no idea how we never wrecked. got arrested, or wrecked anyone else.

This is my confession and request for forgiveness…


I remember, as a newly-minted P-plater (can drive alone, must display a P plate and must have a blood alcohol content of zero) sitting in the fast lane at the speed limit and thinking I was doing the people behind me a favour by not letting them get fined. I was genuinely surprised when I got lots of angry gesticulations. :rofl:


Ahhh, youth…


You were in the turn left lane, indicating left.

I was in the turn right lane, indicating right.

You sir are a complete cockwomble for your manoeuvre that left you in front of me where you actually wanted to be, but facing backwards because you can’t control your Corsa for shit.


Full-size pickup trucks with an extended cab are big enough by themselves. Taking them into a parking garage might not be the best move. But from what I saw, either the power steering was not working or the driver, being an older person, might not have been making use of the full range of the steering wheel. Commence numerous tiny back-and-forth movements as the truck slowly makes its turn out of its parking spot.