Things you wish the other driver could hear, v3.0


True, a lance go across your body and you hold your shield on the left. Same with swordsmen, you keep your opponent on your left side, and your most trusted friend on your right.


Also Lacrosse. I’ve seen jousting, although we may have crossed in to Pennsylvania to do so. Interestingly, the modern form is pretty DIY (the lances/poles are mostly hand-crafted from stuff from plumbing supplies) and it’s done in a form that is quite a bit safer (riders try to hit target rings, not other people). There was some complicated time factor stuff where I think a run needed to be within a certain time frame to count so you can’t just have your horse slowly walk along the route and leisurely pick off the rings.

It’s the event where my dog got to ride a horse.


The jousting I’ve watched is the full metal jousting stuff, big horses steel armor and pine poles. Points for hitting, breaking the lance, and unhorsing, five runs each bout I think.


Oh, yeah: there’s been some resurgence of that, too, I guess. The events I saw were open to a pretty wide age range.

I grew up in a reasonably ‘horse-friendly’ area, but it was never my thing. Several of $Wife’s friends are into horses, and it’s interesting seeing the pretty diverse ways it can go especially when people are adults. There’s some that just own horses and use them for light riding, the aforementioned jousting, more aggressive racing (but more maneuver/handling based than the stereotypical fast oval-track racing), etc. It’s surprisingly diverse.


Why are you driving in the bike lane? Your car is a little thing, and it fits in the car lane just fine. Really.


Oh, what’s this? Your really expensive and really loud sound system just suddenly died? No warning at all?

That’s a shame. I have no idea what could have caused that. And all of the rest of the electronics in your car are dead, too? Oh, deary me. It’s almost as if it was hit by a focused EMP burst. Hmmm? Oh, electromagnetic pulse. Sorry, I really have no idea what that is. Hope it works out for you. Bye.


If you have the schematics & parts list for a portable EMP device, can you share? I’d love to build one. Just for research purposes, of course.


Oh, how I’d love to mount a HERF gun.

Heard a guy on the radio once say he could build one from common auto-parts store stuff… but when I did an Internet search the HERF guns I could find are larger-than-microwave-oven size.

Not exactly concealable in my RAV4.


Don’t they generally kill the entire car as the engine management system gets fried?


Yeah, it would take out everything and any electronics in whatever happened to be behind the car.

Just to be clear, this is definitely wishful thinking because there’s other kinds of electronics that could also be in the car. Getting an obnoxious sound system to be quiet wouldn’t be satisfying if one of the people inside got quiet because it also took out their pacemaker.

In a similar vein, there’s parabolic microphones that can lock in on a specific point to detect sound. An opposite and extreme version of that would be the sound cannons that were in the movie The Incredible Hulk. It would be lovely to drown out over-loud sound systems with the chorus from Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” on a repeating loop, but you’d burst their eardrums.


I’ve often imagined an RF cannon that would broadcast at such amplitudes that the receiving speakers would resonate YOUR choice of music.

You know the stories of people’s dental work picking up radio stations? Yeah, like that, but with an aiming device.

Drown out the gansta rap with bagpipes.

Ah… “Pride of Scotland”


I’ve heard stories of CB radios with boosted amps being picked up by AM/FM radios in nearby cars, but because CB channels are on specific AM frequencies, I’ve always assumed they were fish stories.


Old story my dad used to tell of a friend he had back in the day when we lived on Cape Cod. He often had to cross the canal bridge at night and it’s a notorious place for oncoming traffic to leave their brights on and blind people as they come over the crest of the bridge.

He “acquired” a runway spotlight and hooked it up to his truck. The first time someone came over with their brights on he flicked the switch and turned night to day for about 3 seconds, after which his entire electrical system shorted out and the lights on top of the vehicle he blinded came on.

He’s sitting there in his dark and stalled out vehicle smelling vaguely of burnt plastic while the cop goes all the way across the bridge and comes back to get him… My dad used it as an example of why sometimes you should think things through.


My dad rigged up a semi-truck air horn to a canister of compressed air to make it portable. We used to drive around in a little Ford Fiesta Mark II and hit the horn on slow cars.


Dude, you are so lucky it was me behind you that had a truck with a sturdy metal bumper to keep you from rolling backwards down the hill. The fact that you couldn’t get moving forward on this very steep street and the seeing smoke starting to come out of the underside when you finally negotiated enough to turn around and go downhill means your clutch and/or transmission are just about shot.

So what in the world were you doing going up an equally-steep street just an hour later? You should have been finding other routes that were gentler to take.

I’m guessing you don’t have a lot of money. You’re gonna have even less if either of those completely fails the next time you drive up streets like that. Dude, think and try to prevent an accident from happening.


You say that like it’s a bad thing…


There are a couple roads near where I grew up which have the following warning, custom written by the borough council:

Drivers of vehicles with low capacity engines or automatic transmissions are hereby strongly advised not to proceed beyond this point.

Every damn day there would be a car pouring black smoke come rattling down the hill backwards.

(edit, I got my grads to ratio mixed up, British signs use incline percentages which make little to no sense to anyone, original roadsigns reads 44% incline, which is roughly the slump height for gravel if I remember right)


There is a great YouTube video of someone who did that in an Australian capital city…


Like this one?


Also - not strictly related but in the same vein as my previous post…: