Things you wish the other driver could hear, v3.0


Thirded. People do that shit all the time here.


You don’t get bonus points for passing a speed camera at 20kph under the limit.

If you are already 10kph under the speed limit YOU DON"T NEED TO SLOW DOWN!!!111ONEONEONE


Add to that:

I know the maximum legal unsigned speed here is 50 (km/h), however if the posted limit is 60 and there are at least three signs to that effect on the road then DRIVE AT 60. GRRR.


So, why are you having so much trouble staying in your lane? And… Is that a… duck in your back seat? It is! Why are you driving erratically with a duck in you back seat?

The duck appeared to be well behaved, but wasn’t in a cage or anything.


Gotta watch for those Duck Backseat Drivers.

$Wife semi-regularly carries wildlife to the nearby rehab (which is past our house if she’s coming from her work), but I promise it’s always in some sort of cage or carrier. No loose ducks in her car.


I totally get that.


A green light does not mean “STOP!”, you spaztard.


Heh, Geroge Carlin’s “My Brother Drives Like This” skit comes to mind…


Youtube video refers. Silly guy, running across the highway like that.

Could have been worse.


Did the driver say you can’t smoke in the car? Because otherwise, I’m not sure why you have your hand sticking out of the passenger window, holding a lit cigarette. We’re in stop and go traffic, but every time we go, the wind flowing by makes the cigarette burn a little faster. You’re not going to have much left in ten minutes.


Really, what’s it with my ass that you have to sniff it?

I don’t like to do brake checks, too dangerous, so I’ll just go slower and slower.


That’s actually the defensive driving thing to do and I use that method too.

The fact that it also annoys the crap out of the tailgater is just a bonus :wink:


Some numpty did not stop at a stop sign, on a busy intersection.

Almost had a nice tatertat with him.


Not sure why this youtobe video is cropped below and to the right, as you can see my speed (in km/h) being displayed on the dashcam.


I know what’s wrong, you are driving on the wrong side of the road.


Yeah, the line in the video about him cursing you - I’ve never understood why people do that. I had the same thing a couple of days ago. Some tosser went straight through a give way sign causing me to brake and swerve. I leaned on my horn to let him know he was doing something wrong and he gave me the middle finger and tooted back.

People, if you make a mistake, acknowledge it and apologise. Don’t get pissy at the person who had to take evasive action :roll_eyes:


hehehe :smiley:

and we say YOU do drive on the wrong side of the road :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed. And learn from your mistake.

Only after I reviewed the video did I realize that the numpty almost caused a colliision with two cars - my car and another car coming from the opposite direction.

So glad that there was not an accident. Four weeks ago there was an accident (guy jumping the same stop street) at this same crossing. Unfortunately I was using the other car sans dash cam.


The reason why some countries have you drive on the left side of the road goes back to jousting. Most people are right-handed, so the lance was held with the right arm and you fought your opponent to your right.


I’ve always seen jousting with the opponents on the riders’ left sides, both live and in movies. (A Knight’s Tale comes to mind.)

Bonus trivia: Jousting is the state sport of Maryland!