Things you wish the other driver could hear, v3.0


When people tailgate me like that I tend to slow down. It’s not only the defensive driving thing to do, it also annoys the heck out of the other driver - double bonus :wink: .
I have in the past got down to 20kph in a 100kph zone before the driver got the message and passed me.


This is what I do. Tailgate me and I slow down. Usually not to more than the speed limit.

Also, I have never gotten the point of warning other drivers about police etc. Seriously, the other drivers are not your friends, they are the enemy and should be treated like the dangerous idiots that found their license in a bucket of meth. The best way to weed out people like that is to NOT warn them.


Isn’t it amazing how many people will stay behind you when they have another lane they could use to pass you? They’ll do that for miles. Then if you happen to change lanes, suddenly they realize they can pass. It’s like they think, “I’m free! There are no obstacles in my way! I can go faster now!”

Try it sometime. Guaranteed that within 10 seconds you of changing lanes, they will have passed you.


I’m personally convinced there is a (large) segment of the population that completely zones out behind the wheel. Drivers like you described, @RRabbit42, that tailgate a succession of one car after another is a great example.

They don’t drive, really, so much as follow the car in front of them.


It’s funny that people worry about robot cars, when often people get to work without really remembering their drive. Same reason and hour after someone pumps their brakes for some trash in the road you’ll still find a back up there.


And then, less than a mile later, you’re passing them again because you have your cruise control on and they can’t figure out how to maintain a constant velocity.


Oh, man, soooo true… drives me nutz!


And when you pull out to pass them they speed up like crazy. So you have to drop back in behind them.

And eventually catch up with them again…
And pull out to pass…
Only to have them speed up again…


Until you get sick of the 'tards and blast past them before they can react.

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PS. Ten character post minimum? Why doesn’t the quoted text count?


I wish I could do that.

If anyone has a surplus WWII German armoured car going spare, let me know. (I’d love to own an SdKfz 234 Puma, with the 50mm anti-tank gun.)


With that you will be rolling in the slow lane…

I have a “wish” to mount high-power strobe lights in the rear window to deal with tailgaters. And with a firing switch embedded/hidden in the gear stick. Ok, I’m not stupid enough to do it, but they would go away.


I’d put a scrolling LED message board back there, to ask/ warn them first… but then < blammo! > with the lights.

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The Puma could do 80km/hr. That’s fast enough for all my commuting. :slight_smile:


Good point. But what you want is something with belts. They make the world around you shake. Commuters drinking a coffee? Now they have a top-to-toe coffee shower. Texting? They just told someone to warragrbleeee in 20 messages.

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“You are obligated to move over for faster traffic overtaking you, even if you’re already doing the speed limit.”

Not true in any state where I’ve been licensed to drive. By that logic, simply driving faster than other vehicles effectively establishes authority over them, and creates entitlement to an unobstructed lane.


In Texas, signs say “Slower traffic keep right” and “left lane for passing only”
@Grumpy_24_7’s explanation is exactly how I’ve heard it explained from multiple sources, including defensive driving classes over the years.

In Texas and Louisiana, they will use that as a probably cause excuse to pull you over and jack with you - and see if you’re hauling drugs. In fact, I was once pulled over in Louisiana cruising at the speed limit in the right lane with my cruise control on, because it was “suspicious and consistent with how drug runners drive.”

Interesting commentary on includes:

The Uniform Vehicle Code states:

Upon all roadways any vehicle proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under the conditions then existing shall be driven in the right-hand lane then available for traffic …

Note that this law refers to the “normal” speed of traffic, not the “legal” speed of traffic. The 60 MPH driver in a 55 MPH zone where everybody else is going 65 MPH must move right. Contrast Alaska’s rule, 13 AAC 002.50, allowing vehicles driving at the speed limit to use the left lane, and Colorado rev. stat. 42-4-1103, prohibiting blocking the “normal and reasonable” movement of traffic.


Agreed. Puma, you might want to check on that. “Slow Traffic Keep Right” has been a posted sign in almost all of the states i’ve ever driven in, and was law even in those where it wasn’t posted (so north-south Illinois to Florida, east-west North Carolina to Nevada). (Plus, it’s also a good idea, from a safety perspective.) Some interpretations of “slow” may differ, but yes, you are supposed to move over if you’re moving slower than the people behind you. In a lot of places, you aren’t supposed to drive on the left at all, and if you’re the only car around you’re required to be in the right lane.

Note, this may not necessarily apply to surface streets, but it definitely applies to interstates and other major highways.

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Bonus find from the DPS website, posted August 1998

New law requires “left lane for passing” signs

A law passed during the last legislative session requires that the Texas Department of Transportation put up signs that say “Left Lane for Passing Only” whenever the department needs to replace signs that say “Slower Traffic Keep Right.”

The legislation in effect requires slower traffic to travel in a lane other than the left lane. Signs can be placed only on highways with more than one lane traveling in the same direction.

Law enforcement agencies have long had the ability to write citations for slower vehicles failing to keep to the right or for impeding traffic. The new law does not affect that.

The new signs already have been posted in some parts of the state, and TxDOT held a news conference in San Antonio in late June to unveil the new signs.

The new signs don’t give motorists “a license to speed.” Motorists still must obey all traffic laws, including speed laws.


I think we’re just having a semantics issue, or difference in interpretation. “Slower traffic keep right” and using the left lane for passing/overtaking only are standard rules, and consistent with my understanding. However, I would maintain they are not literally equivalent to the original statement.

Perhaps it was a flawed interpretation on my part, but as I read Grumpy’s comment, it implies someone driving in the left lane at the speed limit to overtake slower traffic in the right lane must pull to the right simply because a vehicle moving even faster comes up behind them.

Edit Addition:
I do not disagree that a vehicle is always expected to move to a right lane if it can do so safely (i.e., if it is moving at the same speed as traffic in that lane, or if the lane is empty).


Well, they do, as soon as it’s clear.

Now, the question becomes interesting when you look at lines of traffic. Two lane highway, right lane filled with people going 60, left lane has me going 65 passing these jokers, and a line behind me that wants to go 70.

Do I have to slow down to 60 to let the people going 70 by? Usually this means I’m stuck going 60 for a while, since I have a whole wolfpack stuck behind me by the time I find room to fit in the 60 lane. And then the fun part happens when someone in the right lane who wanted to go 62 pulls out from behind me and tacks themseselves to the end of the 70 line and I have to wait for grandpa to pass me.

But, in reasonably clear traffic, slower traffic does have to yield the right of way to faster traffic.