Things you wish the other driver could hear, v3.0


It’s a good thing I’m in the habit of backing out slowly and carefully out of my driveway. There is no way I could have seen you if you hadn’t stopped. Your car is so short it’s almost a go-kart. I don’t know what make it is, but it’s only about 2/3 as tall as a VW Beetle.


I got in the habit of backing into my drive. That way I have the best visibility when I’m pulling out and use the lesser visibility while backing into my drive.

Think about it: Your driveway is (probably) a fairly well known and controlled space, while the street is more chaotic. (As demonstrated by the go-cart).

Back into a known space, pull out into a less controlled one
Pull into a known space, back out into the less controlled one.

No-brainer for me.


It depends on your situation. We live in a quiet street so backing out isn’t a problem. I very much prefer to have the exhaust pipe pointing out of the garage rather than into the house, so we go in forwards :smile:


I usually back into my driveway for that very reason, but the way the manual transmission works on my truck, I often have to wait until I see that there won’t be any traffic for at least half a minute before I can even think about getting ready to back in. Sometimes I don’t want to wait that long, and sometimes people will come up to the corner while I’m waiting for the street to get clear.

It’s an old truck and the transmission is one of those that needs to sync before I can go from forward to reverse (about 5-10 seconds). Otherwise, I’ll grind gears if I do it too soon. Then there’s the fact that the truck has quite a bit of inertia for forward and reverse, so I have to rev the engine a little higher and slip the clutch to avoid having it suddenly lurch and try to go faster than I need at that point. And there are bushes on my property that combine with the parts of my canopy that I can’t see through to make a pretty large blind spot.

That tip about backing into spots also works when you’re arriving at a sporting event, concert, etc. Everyone’s in a hurry to leave after it’s done, so if you can start by going forward instead of reversing, you’re ahead of the game.


Someone, somewhere funded a study to determine that backing in is safer (predetermined? hmmmm?..), so some of the energy industry companies around here have hopped on the bandwagon and now require reverse parking at facilities/campuses they own. I back in at home and work most of the time, so I don’t have a problem with it, but some people are not fans. When one specific client implemented it as a policy, there were a lot of complaints. Most of the complaints were from women, which pissed off a lot of women. (I’d love to see a venn diagram of that!) I’m curious if they were upset that it was mostly women complaining, or that someone counted. Either way, it has been maybe a year and everyone seems to have gotten used to it. I’m sure some folks will park way out so they can pull through and park without backing up, but they’re just cheating themselves. I know there has to be exceptions, but for the most part, I think it is a training and confidence problem. No one has showed them how, and they’re unfamiliar with the situational awareness required (gotta know where your car ends even if you can’t see it!), and they haven’t practiced. In fairness, you’re going in with reduced visibility and trying to hit a smaller target (or avoid hitting things around that target :wink:) than when backing into a nice big aisle or roadway… my wife won’t back into the driveway, just refuses to try, says she can’t do it. BS. She can, she just doesn’t want to try, learn, get used to it (practice makes perfect?).
Oops, at risk of turning into a rant… better cut it off.


I back in at work every day. That way I can get the hell out of there faster at the end of the day… :joy:


Always park, pointing your horses for home.


Ahh, yes, but you are awesome, not ordinary :wink:


Yeah, a garage would change things… but I don’t use ours… it’s under the house, and small.


We call backing into a driveway or space “Parking Like Batman” (phrase coined by @sig’s older brother).

I wish drivers could hear me telling them not to put on the brakes or slow down ten miles under the speed limit 20-100 feet before an exit ramp. You slow down ON the ramp, not WAY BEFORE the ramp! My dad used to gripe about that all the time, too.


It’s called Tactical Parking


What is it with all the people driving in the carpool lane with no passengers going the same speed as the traffic in the lane next to them?

“I hope you get a ticket!”


I would agree, except for one exit ramp I use daily (the one I use to get off the highway on my way home, actually). During rush hour or any other stupid-busy time, that exit ramp is routinely backed up to the point where if I’m not already slowed down by 10-15 mph by the time I hit the exit ramp, I’ll be rear-seat deep in the back of some asshat’s SUV or into some truck’s trailer.

Edit: I should clarify, now that I think of it. Part of the problem with this exit ramp is that it’s one that comes off the interstate highway directly into a traffic-lighted intersection on a large “business route”. The exit ramp ends with 3 lanes, a left-turn lane onto the business route in one direction, a lane to go straight, and a right-turn lane to get onto the business route going in the other direction. 80-90% of people who get off this exit ramp are getting into the left-turn lane.


I can see both points. During rush hour/busy time, all bets are off. Plus it sounds like @e4tmyl33t’s commute exit should have been farther back, but sometimes a better design isn’t possible. (One place around here has rail road tracks near an exit, which makes things a bit hairy.) But sometimes a joker will slow down from 65 to like 40 or 50 as they approach for no apparent reason other than maybe they’re scared of the exit sign.
Another bit of stupid around here - there is often a cautionary (yellow) 35 MPH sign on the exit ramp in places where the feeder road has a posted speed limit of 45+ MPH. Some people don’t understand the difference between a cautionary speed sign and a speed limit sign - cautionary is merely a suggestion. I’m not sure how 35 MPH became the standard caution speed on freeway exit ramps, but it is kind of a drastic jump down from suburban 65 MPH speed limits, or 75 MPH in rural areas.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the exit really should be farther back. Here’s a picture from GMaps of that exit/intersection:

You can see that there’s basically no “leadup” to the exit ramp like there is for a lot of exits, it’s just “Whoops, there’s the exit, deal with it yo!”


Yeah, that is abrupt.

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I dislike the exit that’s one stop north of there.

Alas, I must use it, for it is where we get lunch (Red Robin) on the way to the shore every summer.


Ah yes, the Wal-mart exit. That one is annoying, the road itself has a couple weird humps in it that make your car feel like it’s a boat on rough water for a bit.


Ooh! Perkins! Goood coffee, wonderful pancakes :slight_smile: