Things you wish the other driver could hear, v3.0


Yeah, there probably should have been a comma in there. But commas usually indicate where you would pause while speaking something and there was no pause - just a change in emphasis :smile:


I know, and the meaning was definitely not lost on me… I was just bustin’ ya balls. :wink:


You’re not James Joyce.


Footpath arseholes, eh?


No, it is not me, it is you. Open your eyes and look!


You’re driving a Smart car. I’m pretty sure it could fit in the back of my cargo van. But still, you couldn’t manage to get the thing into ONE parking spot. You had to use two. You’re an idiot.


That is worth repeating. :smile:


Get out of the left lane. You are not the speed police or a pace car. OUT. NOW. THIS IS WHY NO ONE LIKES YOU.


It’s pouring rain, and visibility is crap. I know you drive a fancy new Lincoln Navigator, but that doesn’t make you too good for headlights and blinkers on the highway.

Pulling over to do a 3-point U-turn on a back road would be more effective if a) you did not have someone (ME) coming up behind you, b) you turned into one of the MANY driveways lining this road, and c) you pulled over flush with the side of the road (so I could go by first) and then tried to pull forward and turn into the other lane, instead of backing into it from the opposite one.

Benefit of the doubt if you’re a student driver, but your co-driver should have known better.



I blame Trump.


That’s pretty standard for people driving dark coloured vehicles. I wonder if’s a similar thing to that very young child trick of hiding by putting their hands over their eyes (I can’t see you so you can’t see me). In this case it’s "I can see you, so why can’t you see me?"
You can see me because I’ve got my lights on you pillock.

Yeah, there’s probably a lot of things we can blame Trump for, but that one might be a bit of a stretch :laughing:


Oooh, long time since I’ve heard the ‘pillock’ word…


The law is that when a school bus deploys its Stop sign and turns on the red flashing lights, drivers are required to stop. The law does not say “except when you’re on a four-lane street with a center turn lane”. Yes, there is more distance between one side and the bus so it’s less likely that a kid is going to go running out and get hit, but it’s still the law to stop.


Oh man, a few months ago I blew right past a bus with it’s sign out. I saw it, and it blew the horn at me, and I just didn’t process what was going on until I was past it.


Depends on the jurisdiction. In Ohio, where you have four lanes with a center turn lane, drivers going in the opposite direction in the non-center lane are not required to stop. (Four lanes without a center turn lane or less and you must stop.)


Looks like you’re right. It’s “three or more lanes” that qualifies, but some people are stretching it to mean one lane in each direction plus the center turn lane. The place I was at has two in both directions plus the center.

Another tidbit: in this state, it’s legal to make a left turn onto a one-way street without waiting for the traffic light to turn green.


That’s not legal in some places?


Nope. And some states don’t allow right on red.

In Texas, on roadways divided by medians, school bus red lights are only for the side the bus is on.


I just drive. And make U turns and left on red and all that crap.

Hell, just a couple weeks ago I pulled a u turn in the middle of a one way street… that’s what happens when you pull on to it going the wrong way. Thankfully it was around 8 AM on a Sunday. I could have done donuts for 20 minutes and not gotten in anyone’s way.


Mind reading is not a legal requirement for pedestrians.

Indicating, however, is a legal requirement for cars that are turning.

Give me all the dirty looks you like, unless you let me know where you are going I can’t make allowances.