Things you wish the other driver could hear, v3.0


And then you get idiotic drivers who think you’ll overtake faster if they come zooming up on your ass.

And if that doesn’t work, cue slamming on the brakes and mashing the hooter for all to enjoy.


It’s especially stupid if you’re already slightly above the limit… my car sits happily at 120kmh which is slightly faster than the national 70mph limit on motorways. It actually takes effort to keep her at 70mph, whereas there’s a nice ‘goldilocks zone’ around 120kmh which required zero effort. So if I’m overtaking and someone flies up behind me, like heck am I speeding up, that requires effort!


My Corolla can chug all day long at 100km/h with good fuel economy. If some plonker decides to do 120, or even 160, not going to fight stupid.


Learn to park your f**king car properly. If I had a big-ass 4WD with a bull-bar, I’d drive right into you, you knuckle-dragging, knob-gobbling cockwomble.


100km/h = 62.5MPH
In my F150, in 6th gear, that’s about 1300-1500RPM, so barely any pedal input over idling. If I set the cruise control there and can just go, especially on flat/level terrain, I’d be looking at 28-30MPG, possibly 31-32. My EcoBoost has 18,000 miles on it now, so it is getting to the point where the economy is increasing. I’ve heard they don’t really get broken in until 15-30k.
Last month, I topped off the tank, reset the trip A odometer screen, and headed north on a Dallas run. When I pulled out of the gas station, I hopped on the freeway and set the cruise at 65 and left it there until Huntsville, 45 miles up the road. I think the Trip odo screen said 32 MPG at that point. It starts getting hilly around there, and the speed limit had already been 75 for 15 miles, and we had a long way to go, so I cranked up the speed at that point, but I still got around 24MPG for the whole trip that weekend. But you start hauling 80+MPH, or catch a really strong headwind, and your going to be looking at maybe 18-20MPG.


… o.o

Okay so, I know I drive a kleinenciticar but still, 60mph on the flat in 5th (my highest gear) I’m looking at 65-70MPG minimum, if there’s a slight downhill I’ll get 85-90mpg.

And yes, I know the USA lags badly behind in getting the populace to drive more efficient cars but you can get biggencars that are good for milage too! My parents recently swapped their 2004 Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.2L Diesel for a 2016 Suzuki Grand Vitara 1.8L Petrol and in 6th gear at 60 my dad gets 55-60mpg. In a SUV. A SUV which he regularly off-roads in; he’s now a Doctor of Archaeology, and the university is getting him to teach undergrads, which involves a lot of driving through fields that mostly consist of three feet of mud and one foot of terrified undergrad watching my dad skid towards him.

(Side note: the overall efficiency rating of my car is 59mpg; this is because I deliberately took off the acceleration limiter so instead of 0-60 in 20 seconds, I can do 0-60 in 12, which is vitally important when the motorway on-ramps on the Newcastle City Motorway were designed to be used at 30mph, but have a limit of 50mph so you have to go from standing to 50 on a 100-yard on-ramp).

  1. It isn’t a car
  2. That is stupendously good mileage for something that could probably fit your car inside. Before the current generation engine advancements, single digit MPG was not unusual for trucks, and 17-19 MPG was really good. Seriously, it be large.

Arh Arh Arh!


It’s big, but only about the size of the current Toyota Hilux. The double-cab European version gets 40-45mpg combined, and that’s considered bad.


Oh man I just found the current MPG of the Ford Ranger. No wonder it got bumped to Tax Class G (the scale goes from AAA to G, for reasons) that thing couldn’t survive a day on a hundred gallons!

Additional: I just did some maths, and I think my average MPG should be higher… 35litres is 7.2IMPGAL, 7.2*59=424.8Mi, but I can usually get about 450 miles on a tank so logically it should be 62.5MPG)


No, the F-150 it is bigger than the Hilux. On paper, it doesn’t seem much bigger, but it really is much larger. The largest Hilux engine is less powerful than the least of the F-150 engines.


I’ll accept that. Also I realised that the US Gallon is smaller than the IMP gallon, so some of my maths will be skewed in my favour. For example, your truck getting 32MP(US)G is actually getting 38MP(IMP)G.

My car’s 60MP(IMP)G is 50MP(US)G.


Oh, man, I forgot about Imperial gallons vs US gallons. I’m about to leave the office; way too tired to try to work that out in my head.


Lol, jinx!


Great minds think alike, and all that.

But fools seldom differ…


I know it was raining and there was spray coming off the vehicles ahead that reduces visibility. But seriously, driving about 40 on a 60 mph freeway is going to cause more problems than you think it will prevent.


I remember on one trip to the US seeing one thing that caused me to do a double take, sadly no camera with me. It was an oversized pickup, with a small European pickup on its bed :open_mouth:


Yeah, that’s an option instead of a spare tire now.


Pollution controls on vehicles in the US are higher as well.


This is a footpath arsehole.

Oh wait, I did say that. Right after he tooted at me for having the unmitigated gall to walk on a footpath he wanted to cross and wound down his window to yell at me.
I got in first.


Definitely sounds like it was a footpath arsehole.

Or perhaps a road arsehole.


(Sorry, I couldn’t help myself)