Things you wish the other driver could hear, v3.0


The speed limit is 65. I’m doing between 75 and 80 and you just blew past me like it ain’t no thing. If there is a cop at the bottom of this hill I’m going to laugh my ass off. (unfortunately there was not)


Yeah, that happens to me a lot in the morning, except the stretch I see it on the limit got raised to 70 and people blow by me when I’m going 78.

Unfortunately, then you run into clumps that didn’t notice it was raised to 70 six months ago and refuse to driver over 66.


Happened to me once. Was on a long downhill, doing 120km/h (speed limit) when some doofus in a VW Up! blew past me at 150km/h

Of course there was a cop and he got pulled off :joy:


There are several sections of highway around here in Indy where there is the “speed limit” and then there is what everyone drives. A section of 465 is 55 mph, but everyone goes at least 70… everyone, school buses whatever.

Parts of 69 are like the autobahn, nice straight road with nothing for miles.

Hundreds of miles of I70 are 80mph or bust sections.

And there are some smaller roads around where I live where driving the speed limit would get you shot and your body dumped in an unmarked grave. It says 55 or 45 on the sign, but just go 60 or 65 like everyone else.


On I-15 on the way to Vegas last weekend I was doing 80 and getting passed like nothing. Speed limit is 70. But most of the road between Barstow and the CA/NV line is only two lanes on each side. So if you drive in the left lane people will crawl up your ass unless you’re doing 90+ and if you drive in the right lane you get stuck behind all the semi trucks and RVs that aren’t even doing the speed limit.


Argh, that’s like driving in Florida. Left lane is 100 right lane is 50. And if there is a center lane it’s semis going 85.


It hasn’t been updated on their GPS, therefore it didn’t happen. To hell with what the actual signs say. Nobody takes those seriously.


Funny, we also complain about the lack of visible policing here. The cops love to sit like trolls underneath a bridge or tree and zap people that’s going too fast, they don’t want to address bad driving especially in cities.


It’s called Revenue Generation, @Ook


Christmas Bonus Revenue Generation more likely :yum:


Dear $idiot

It was pissing down, in fact you could only manage to see 10metres of road ahead of you.

And yet you still insists on sitting on my ass. Or overtaking at speed like a lunatic, because accidents “always happen to somebody else”.

Piss off, get a better attitude, kthanxbai.


Yesterday afternoon:
I’m approaching my street which is a right-hand turn off a two-lane back road.
Another car is approaching from the opposite direction, turning onto my street.
As is my habit, I quickly flash my hi-beams at them and wave them on.
Now I have had many reactions to this from absolutely nothing to a smile, wave and flash of hi-beams and every thing in between. I do not expect any reaction when I let someone proceed ahead of me, I do it out of common courtesy. What did the driver do yesterday?
She flips me the Bird the entire time she is turning in front of me!
Anyone have any ideas on what might have upset her?
It was still daylight so I wouldn’t think the hi-beams blinded her.



Aunty with the red car was probably visiting her.

Or her day started off really bad.


Some people around here don’t understand that flashing high beams is “please go ahead” or “please let me pass”, so they just think you’re being rude.


Or it’s a gang initiation scheme.


Had that thing doing the rounds here in south africa as well.

Also it is laughable some of the hoaxes that goes around, yet people fall for them. Every. Single. Time.

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I’ve followed some cars for 5 minutes flashing my lights at them the entire time because they don’t have their lights on. How can they not realize that there is something wrong?


I used to have excellent night vision and when driving in the city where there are plenty of street lights, sometimes didn’t notice that my lights were off.


Sometimes you can see better with the lights off.

In the Mojave during NTC the OCs told me to try driving without NODs and it would be safer as long as there was at least a half moon. I did it for two nights after the night I didn’t switch from my sunglasses to my regular glasses… it was totally true for a certain type of driving, but sucked for didimao movements.


Lane one: lorries doing 56mph (90kmh, set speed limit for UK/EU lorries)
Lane two: me, several other cars
Lane three: guy in a Volvo doing 55mph and getting ALL the rage!