Things you wish the other driver could hear, v3.0

How about “Turn your headlights on” instead of just your running lights.

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Do y’all have fog lights in the back?

I drive with my fog lights on all the time, they come on with the auto-lights, but they look like this (the lower lights)

Yup, because fog is a relatively common thing, and “proper fog” (where you might be able to see the road in front of the car, most of the time) isn’t unheard of.

And yeah, in the UK it’s an offence (though you’re unlikely to have the police bother you unless they’re having a bad day) to drive with front or rear fog lights on when visibility isn’t low enough. Our front fogs won’t come on with other lights automatically though, for exactly that reason.

Mine come on with the running lights. It’s a known fault so when I get pulled over I can show them the log book with the mechanic’s note haha. Apparently in some countries they don’t use the running lights in the main cluster, instead they have ‘hi’ and ‘low’ lights in the fog lamp enclosure. The result? I have ‘hi’ and ‘low’ running lights, both of which trigger the fogs because it’s cheaper to produce the wiring loom that way I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

I swear that’s all in english, but I have no idea what you are saying.


Can steal packing tape from work, after all…

As long as the oxygen thief get the rap for the missing tapes… :stuck_out_tongue:

And now we add rolls of shrink-wrap to the list of materials used to replace rear windows. Not the household saran-wrap kind, but the type used to secure large boxes together on a pallet for shipping. Has the bonus of creating a rippled surface that reflects light at random angles and is hard to see out of.

All these things make sense for side windows, especially those little corner ones, I used cardboard for mine.

Hell, cardboard makes more sense than some of this other stuff. Maybe cardboard with a cut out in it for some packing tape windows. Can’t be worse than a new Camaro’s rear view right?

[mirror or window?]

Psh, not gonna need that. If new Camaro drivers are like the old Camaro drivers, they never look to the side or rear anyway.

Except for Lane, Lane was a good guy…

I never thought Beth was all that anyway.
(Better off Dead)

Dear $idiotdriver

I was towing my wife, and was using a rope and not a solid towing device.

You decided that you don’t want to waste time sitting behind us, but pushed in front of me. What an utterly dick move.

Ever tried to do an emergency stop in a car with no power to the brakes at all?

May the same thing happen to you.

Dear $idiotexen

Stop hogging the white line, we can’t see whether there is oncoming traffic or not.


Leaving less than a car length between yourself and the bumper of the car in front of you is dangerous, especially at 75-80 mph! Cut it out!

Yes, we’re all very impressed with how small your penis is how loud your exhaust is, but the point still remains that you have grounded yourself on that speed bump with your illegally lowered suspension, and the rest of us drivers find it hilarious.


Must be an LA transplant. That happens to me every time I go there.

This has happened twice now, but the second was more blatant.

The wave to show you appreciated being able to get ahead of me doesn’t mean as much when the reason why you got ahead of me is that you forced your way in.

For the second driver, pulling into the intersection so far that you’re blocking a lane and then sitting there for about 10 seconds while you do whatever (restart your car, wonder what are these strange large objects that were heading towards you and have now had to stop a few yards away from you, or who knows what) and then get moving isn’t really a good reason for a “thanks for letting me ahead of you” wave.

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I was inside the traffic circle, and I had preference.

You can wait, no need to try and push into the circle.

I was forced to let someone in like that the other day. And there really was no need, as the lane he WAS in was moving faster.

So I changed over, got ahead of him, then returned to the original lane… properly, mind you… in front of him.

Guess who got to wave?



No, it is not okay to sniff my exhaust fumes in your biggencar.

Slow car in front, trying to overtake two trucks. And I’m stuck behind the slow-moving car.

stupidity knows no bounds, especially when driving a biggencar…


(I understand that this might not make sense if you live in a country with three-phase traffic lights)

No. No you cannot go now. You cannot beep your horn at me now. Just because the light is nearly green does not mean I am going to rock over the stop line just so you have more room to accelerate your penis enhancer. I know the yellow light is on, but so is the red one. That still means stop, dickweed.

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