Things you wish the other driver could hear, v3.0


Time to bring back another message from the old forums. To start off, “Pick a speed and stick with it. I should not be able to pass you five times if I am doing a constant 60 miles per hour.”

Things you wish you could say (everywhere)
Things you wish you could say (everywhere)

The drivers the other day were so bad I could barely catch my breath between yelling at them. 4 stop signs ran, 2 wrong way drivers, and a complete inability to follow speed limits. I’m pretty sure, however, this had something to do with living by an incredibly large Irish area of town coupled with the fact that there were multiple St Patrick’s Day celebrations on Saturday. All day celebrations starting around 6am. For realsies.


You waited until 1800? 0.o

Seriously though. Turn signals. Turn. Signals. They’re for more than just turns! Even though you fools never use them for turns, either…


"Slower traffic keep right"
Seriously, it’s the law. (In Texas, anyway.) They even print it on signs and plant them along roadways! You’re in my way; move the frick over.
And if I flash my lights at you, it doesn’t mean I’m saying Hi or that I’m trying to pick a fight - it means “wake up and get out of the way, you roadway zombie bastard!” Ok, maybe that’s a little like picking a fight, but it doesn’t mean I want to wait around and debate it with you.


To the driver of the white Mazda this morning:

Trying to merge into my lane was not a good idea. Especially when I was occupying that particular piece of road. I hope you appreciated the 100+ dB sound of my bike’s exhaust through your open window when I gave it a rev. (Or two. Or three.)


‘No matter how you tailgate, I can’t go any faster than the car ahead’


i agree with your sentiment, but since you pointed out the legal bit there, i feel obligated to point out that flashing your lights as a signal is illegal.


That depends on the state - Wikipedia has a pretty good list. Some people claim that it is a first amendment right, though I think that is corrupting the intentions of it.


Interesting. States really need to get together and standardise that crap. It is illegal in Texas, at least, so it’s still relevant to RoadRunner’s initial post. And i fail to see under what justification flashing one’s headlights falls under the First Amendment.


Being protected under “Freedom of Speech” is admittedly a stretch, but as long as I’m not intentionally blinding you then coming up behind you and briefly flashing my high beams is a near universal sign for “get the fsck outa my way”. You are obligated to move over for faster traffic overtaking you, even if you’re already doing the speed limit. It is not your responsibility to police how fast I’m going.

My mom would do the exact speed limit in the number one lane and refuse to move over for faster vehicles, saying she was justified because she was already doing the limit. She wouldn’t even relent when I pointed out she was then making the other driver pass on the right, which was also illegal. Her excuse was “well, they’re already breaking the law by speeding so piling on illegal passing is nothing”. I so wanted her to get a ticket for that behavior.

When I became of driving age I hated riding with her. It didn’t help that she became an accident magnet. She was involved in no fewer than three accidents where the other driver ran a red light at an intersection and plowed into her. One time she was sitting at a red light in the right hand lane, when a driver which had been racing another car from back at the previous light thought he could squeeze a pass between my mom’s car and the curb. Not quite. He ended up pushing her car into the lanes which had the green whereupon she was t-boned from the side. That tweaked her back out for a couple of years worth of pain and chiro.


I do not believe that is entirely correct, @dunerat. The last time I went through defensive driving, they stated that it is not illegal in Texas, and actually recommended in certain circumstances.
EDIT- Flashing the lights when passing is recommended in both the Texas Drivers Handbook and the Texas Motorcycle Operator’s Manual on the DPS website.

From the statutes I looked up, you have to apply low beams within 500 feet of an approaching vehicle moving in the opposite direction, and you aren’t supposed to switch to high beams when approaching a vehicle from the rear within 300 feet. So, if you’re right up on the guy, you shouldn’t flash him, but if you’re coming up on him, it is OK outside 300 feet, which is about 3 or 4 seconds at 60+mph.

If you’re talking about trying to warn oncoming traffic about a speed trap, that’s a whole other can of worms, but that wasn’t what we were discussing. That’s where the potential First Amendment issue comes in to play. (I’m not stating an opinion, just addressing your failure to see. And on that note, I’m not trying to engage in bickering with you. Different people have different perspectives and different understandings of things - especially things that lend themselves to multiple interpretations.)


No, not bickering. Must have been a change somewhere, since all the cops i’ve known all said it was illegal when asked about it (discussed this before, i have), though they also said they’ve never ticketed anyone for it, since (as you can imagine) it’s a pretty difficult thing to catch someone at.

As for the speed traps, last i checked that falls under obstruction, but that’ll vary by state as well. In any case, what speech is being made that would qualify for protection? That’s what i’m missing. i mean, are they blinking their lights in Morse? (Yes, that was intentionally silly.) It’s not exactly a universally understood message, after all. The only thing i’ve ever gotten out of it was “Hey, i’m a jerk that likes to blind people”.


If starting a fire with a potentially highly flammable object you are waving around in a crowd is free speech, then so is flashing your high beams, including when warning of a speed trap. Hell, if you can get around the standing, stopping, parking, laws you should be able to hold a sign up on the side of the road. Best way I see police controlling speed is by them being seen, tickets are a revenue generator, and have to happen sometimes to keep the rest of the herd in line. A hidden cop is unnecessary. If you are on the ball enough to reduce your speed when a cop shows up and not get caught, then I say you aren’t the problem. Get the dude that doesn’t even notice you there.

I could get behind blowing your horn being seen as yelling fire in a movie theater though.

On another note. Why is it in Florida, and Georgia, both states with three lane highways I had a harder time maintaining a nice consistent 75 mph than I ever do in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, etc in two lane traffic?

Left lane was 85, right lane was 60-65, middle lane was 68.5. Speed limit is 70. And without fail every time I’d pass someone in the middle lane either I end up with an SUV crawling up my ass, or I end up stuck in the right lane for years. I had better consistency driving through construction zones in the hills of Kentucky, some of which were single lane.

Also, I understand the reason laws have been passed to make people move over a lane when an emergency vehicle is on the side of the road, I do it for everyone when I can. The law requiring this action seems both dangerous and puts emergency personnel’s lives higher in the scale of importance. Causing a wreck smashing two lanes of traffic into one, and slowing the whole mass to 45, is less damaging than the occasional officer hit by a car? The car that still isn’t going to move over because they aren’t paying any attention to begin with? I’d like to see accident statistics in the states that have done this.


Coolio, glad we’re on the same page. Without tone & inflection, it is sometimes easy to sound like a prick, so I was trying to avoid coming off that way. :slight_smile:


Naw, it’s all good. Like most people, i learned the laws once, and only pay attention to them again when something points out the change, rather than when the change actually happened. And they change all the time, so i’m probably behind on the rules in several states, ha ha… But you’re not being a jerk by pointing out that i’m wrong, you’re just… pointing out that i’m wrong.

As for Woodman’s issue with Georgia, well, most of them can’t drive to begin with. Florida too, from what i’ve seen, though i haven’t done much driving there.

And i’d worry more about the ridiculously high number of people (that being any number greater than zero) who manage to see the flashing lights and then plough into the squad car anyway, which is what those laws are about. You may be onto something about the causing additional wrecks though, as i was in one like that once. It was my fault though, and didn’t actually involve a merge, so…

On an unrelated note, why to do we call the “squad cars” anyway? Since when would a squad all fit in one of those, they have what, four, five seats? That’s like a fire team. Or was it “squad leader’s car” and we’ve just dropped the “leader’s” part?


I know in Indiana it was a response to truckers “Dusting Smokey” on I-70 and finally killing at least one officer, maybe two in one year. Trying to knock a troopers hat off with the wind of your passage is a bit different than passing him at 65 MPH.

A more appropriate response would be to try the person that did it with attempted murder, and or vehicular homicide. Not make up a whole new category of crimes. But, I feel the same way about drunk driving. Try them for the crime they commit, not the condition they were in.


I think you’re closer than you think on that!

Back when officers walked a beat… “One of the initial uses for trucks and large touring cars was to transport special squads of officers to trouble spots, hence the term, “squad cars.””


Like the “Brute Squad”?


i agree, but i’d think they usually do charge them with VH/VM when they actually hit some one. Passing the “move over” law was a way to scare people into reducing the likelihood of it happening in the first place, i would guess. Must say though, trying to spook/knock the hat off a trooper seems like kind of a dumb thing for a trucker to do, considering how allergic a truckers career is to police interaction…

@RoadRunner: Ha! Go me! My powers of folk etymology are… as fallible as anyone elses’, i guess, but still, yay!


I’m in the middle lane, going 70. I’m passing people in the slow lane, the fast lane is completely clear. Get off of my a$$!

Edit: After several minutes, the moron passed me on the right. The fast lane was empty.