Things we find in parcels

$sales_guy sent back a malfunctioning phone in a box the other day… apparently he was short of traditional packing material.

From what I can see, the shirt is not new.

The annual $company Sales Conference Extravaganza is on next month. Pictures have been supplied. [maniacal cackle]

One of our sites shipped a computer to us with several Tyvek suits as packing material.

But no plastic bags, right? Because those would be dangerous.

Wow. Hope they came with HAZMAT warnings!!

It’s hard to tell from the pics - how big a shirt is it? A baby shirt with David and Goliath might be cute. A man’s XL, maybe not so much.

Once sold an somewhat defective xbox. Packed it with several magazines of soft core porn. Apparently the receivers girlfriend was very happy about my choice of said packing. The guy I sold it to, not so much.

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I was expecting a dead rat, going by the title.

Or you were a recipient of

It’s an XL. :smirk:

I would have thought it had been the other way around…

Meitemark lives in Norway. They do things a bit differently over there. :wink:


I just figured that she got a good laugh out of it, while he slinked away in shame.

I don’t understand why the shirt was embarrassing.

It’s not so much the shirt itself, it’s the fact that he’d sent a (used, but still serviceable) shirt to pack a box when standard practice dictates the use of bubble wrap. :smile:

I guess it’s better than nothing…

His job isn’t to know how to ship stuff, it’s to (whatever his job is). He’s not supposed to have to know this stuff!

That’s the argument used at $


Count your blessings.