Things to do in New Zealand?

I take all of the delays and processes as part of travel. My flights are all going to be long, spending about 20+ hours for each leg of my trip. I just wish I could sleep on a plane.

Whew. I just spent all day researching places on airbnb. I finally finished booking all of the places I’m going to be staying during my travels.

Once I’ve finished paying for all of that, it will be time to buy rail passes, tickets to things like the Studio Ghibli Museum, Hobbiton tour, etc. By the time I go, all I should have to worry about is some bus/subway travel, food, and souvenirs. :slight_smile:


My daughter’s class is partnering with a class in New Zealand to read a book together.

They sent her class some chocolate covered pineapple things. They want to send back some Reeces Pieces since apparently there isn’t much peanut butter in NZ. Seatoun is the school. I’m curious if peanuts are really all that odd there.

They are also working with a First Nation school in Canada, and one in North Carolina.

We have several different brands of peanut butter here. I prefer crunchy peanut butter, my daughter prefers smooth.
We even get Reeces Pieces - though they aren’t very common.

whew I booked my Hobbiton tour just in time! The days that I wanted to go were all booked, but I managed to get a spot in on my last day in NZ.


Is it a hard tour to get?

It books out pretty far in advance. My tour is at the end of April.

I can’t believe my trip is coming up so soon. I’ll be leaving in a little more than 3 weeks.


Do take photos! And of Mt Doom (if you can) :stuck_out_tongue:

The latest of my NZ adventures has me sitting in Honolulu. Let me tell you a tale…

Yesterday afternoon I flew from Rotorua to Auckland, and was rushing through the airport looking for my connecting flight that was supposed to leave in an hour. I can’t find it, so I ask around, got run around and finally found out that they’d cancelled my flight and never bothered to tell me. I end up at ticketing, they have me call United, and about 40 minutes later I am scheduled to leave another hour later for Honolulu, arriving this morning and flying on to San Francisco at 1 pm. Not ideal, since I’d get in late, but, oh, well. Not the end of the story.

I and several other passengers are waiting at the gate in Honolulu that our flight to SF is supposed to leave from and wondering why they’re so late opening it up for boarding. Now, since I had arrived at 7:30 this morning, I had time to kill, so I call United customer service to complain about the cancelled flight and no communication. I’m told that the only way to regiater the complaint is online.

About 15 minutes before our flight is supposed to leave, they write out a sign saying that our flight is leaving from a gate about 5 minutes away. We hurry, I get there first. The flight is full, too bad, so sad, here’s your new booking for 9 pm tonight. For 9 or us.

At this point, I’m furious, fed up, and hangry. I walk away for a bit, then walk over to another United gate and calmly ask to speak to a supervisor. I lay out everything that has happened and make it clear that submitting an online complaint after all this is over is not good enough, and that I really think they should take responsibility for the problems. It takes a lot of atubbornness and refusal to back down, but I got an upgrade to economy plus.

I’m still going to file the complaint online after I get home (which will be somewhere around 6 am tomorrow morning, I hope). In the meantime, I still have another six hours to kill here in Honolulu, which has got to be my least favorite city in the world.


Crap, that’s a terrible way to finish your holiday :frowning_face:

Not nice to have things end up like that.

Do let us know if you have arrived safely.

Damnit, that’s a crap end to what sounds like a fantastic trip.

I hope the rest of your trip home is smooth and free of f**kups.

Well, I’m home. My flight arrived just before 5 AM, the shuttle home another hour and a half, and I got home around 7. Took a 3 hour nap, and am trying to get back onto California time now since I have to be back at work tomorrow.


Dang that is a brutal turn around time on going back to work.

I called in dead tired today. I also have to pay bills, get laundry done, and take my car to the tire repair shop today.