Things to do in New Zealand?


I take all of the delays and processes as part of travel. My flights are all going to be long, spending about 20+ hours for each leg of my trip. I just wish I could sleep on a plane.


Whew. I just spent all day researching places on airbnb. I finally finished booking all of the places I’m going to be staying during my travels.

Once I’ve finished paying for all of that, it will be time to buy rail passes, tickets to things like the Studio Ghibli Museum, Hobbiton tour, etc. By the time I go, all I should have to worry about is some bus/subway travel, food, and souvenirs. :slight_smile:


My daughter’s class is partnering with a class in New Zealand to read a book together.

They sent her class some chocolate covered pineapple things. They want to send back some Reeces Pieces since apparently there isn’t much peanut butter in NZ. Seatoun is the school. I’m curious if peanuts are really all that odd there.

They are also working with a First Nation school in Canada, and one in North Carolina.


We have several different brands of peanut butter here. I prefer crunchy peanut butter, my daughter prefers smooth.
We even get Reeces Pieces - though they aren’t very common.