Things that suck

Spicy pillow going critical and starting a big fire …

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Talking point? Nah, lazy assumption. Someone in Cali complains about fire a farm fire isn’t the first thing that leaps to my mind.

Where have you been for the last six weeks? It began then.

There have been controlled burns. I know because I’m still getting nixle alerts saying “controlled burn in X area, no need for alarm.” That hasn’t stopped the wildfires yet.

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Being irritated and not knowing why.

My wife is driving 1200 km, a month from now. She is 65 now, but is definitely up to it. This is so she can be there to close on our new house. Not a problem. I assume everything will go well. She’s doing it over 2 days and has a nice B&B booked in the middle.
A month later, everything has to be in boxes and on the back of a truck to move the same distance. It’ll be difficult, and it won’t be cheap, but I have a mover that I trust. I expect this to go well, also.
There are things that they can’t move that I’ll have to take care of, like candles, volatiles (of which I have many), propane, some delicate machinery (laser tubes) and other things that we’d prefer to move ourselves. Work computers. ALL computers. Network stuff. This means I have to rent a van or truck. I have to keep a bed here for the length of time it takes after the move before I do the final load and move that, too. All this is just a matter of planning.
The thing that sucks is all the driving I’m planning to do. Don’t get me wrong, I love to drive. I don’t get to do it much anymore. I get into a kind of zen thing and just go. Here’s the problem:
If I rent a van and drive it there one-way, it’s $5600, plus gas. Let’s say $6000.
If I fly there, rent a van for a week, drive it back, load it up, drive it there, it’s about $2000 including gas.
It isn’t really a discussion, it’s just going to lead to one tired and road-weary Rizak.
I’d fly up on a Friday night, rent the van the next morning and be on my way. 12-14 hours later I’ll be here. I have more than enough time to get stuff in the van and drive back, another 12-14 hours. Unpack. Return the van. Sleep.
I’m not even getting into the hassle of finding an estate auction guy to handle the stuff we can’t move because we won’t have space for it. I mean, we don’t have space for it now.
I’m just trying to figure out how to not go crazy on the drive. If the van has an aux port, I’m sure I have a phone around that could plug into it to use as a music player. My new one doesn’t have a jack. The first phone I’ve ever owned without a 3.5mm jack. Just when I need one.
If no aux jack, my current phone will connect to a DeWalt speaker system I have that uses DeWalt tool batteries.
I am not listening to radio music.

braindead drivel. zombie entertainment.

1200 kilometers? Snort. That was an extra long day when I was a courier. Over two days with a nice stop in the middle? Piece of cake for your wife and I doubt you’ll even notice it unless the roads between A and B suck.

Well, it is through Quebec at the end of ‘construction season’ …

I do 1100kms in one day easily… when going down to visit my family.

Just need a bit of caffeine at the end to keep me a bit more focused, but it is doable.

With frequent rest stops along the way though. Very important.

I’m old and dumb, so I’ll bring an empty bottle and a can of gas, just in case.

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