Things that suck

Generic vs. non-generic?

Not really, no. Both are full-fat drugs.

Also did the same thing - it went in like a depth charge…

…and you hoped that it will not stick to your tongue or anywhere else, because if it sticks, it’s worse, and you’ll die from the taste of it…

shudders at memories, represses horrible, horrible memories

Being without power for seven and a half days.


That really sound sucky, and it is!

IBS giving me a health scare.

On tuesday went to doctor for a prescription renewal and to have a blood test done.

Following day (wendesday morning) got a SMS with lab results. Cholesterol and creatinin serum (kidney efficiency) is a bit too high.

Somehow it affected me subconsciously.

Woke up at 2300 yesterday (same wednesday), felt something was wrong.

Tested my BP, was 160/100 and pulse 100 bpm.

Gobbled a BP pill, waited couple minutes, BP went down. Cool. Back to sleep.

0300 am, same story.

Decided to sod it, and go to the doctor when they open.

Did some tests at the doctor, found kidney function was 100%, nothing to worry about. Yay.

We then discovered that, for some reason, the portable electronic BP machines with the cuff is not that accurate. BP machine at doctor also showed 160/120 etc. Doc then measured my BP with the old style, and it was a good 140/90. Pffft.

Discussed the lab results, and advise was given to eat more healthier, which I’m going to do. Apparently my creatinine levels are still within a safe range, so if I do a lifestyle change now, I still have a good chance not to get kidney issues. Which I do not want, along with its expenses and all that.

Doc also physically examined me, and found nothing wrong. Only later I realized it was my IBS buggering things up. Too much protein and the wrong foods caused ut to go bonkers. Bastard.

Too big a scare, but good to hear all is OK.

To all the youngsters - eat healthy, you will thank me later.


The backstory is that a derecho blew through our area and took out a huge swath of the power grid. It’s like a tornado, but wider spread. Insane lighting storm and high winds with torrential downpour of rain that blew down an unimaginable number of trees and power poles and damaged the substation near us so badly that it had to be completely rebuilt. That took some time.
My boss came over every day with his generator to run my fridge and freezer for a couple of hours and top up all of our batteries. I have a lot of tool batteries that I can use in emergencies for charging other things and as lights. Our gas stovetop worked with the bbq lighter. Our gas water heater worked because it has a pilot light and not electronic ignition. We could survive.
After 6 days of that, I decided that I was not going to have my boss continue with the generator every day, so I carted everything from the freezers to other friends in the city who still had power and cold box space. I’m amazed that it was all still rock hard. I even had ice.
2 days after that, the power came back on.
Well, it was kind of heartbreaking for a short time first.
Sunday night at 11:18 the power came on. It had gone out the previous Saturday at around 3:30 in the afternoon. We were asleep because the sun goes down before 10. Anyway, the lights all came on and I jumped up to make sure everything was running and turned off what I could to lessen the load on the system. 13 minutes later, the power went out again.
You could literally hear the entire neighbourhood scream.
“You want a little power? Yeah. You like that, don’t you? Well, YOU CAN’T HAVE IT!”
With nothing else to do, I went back to bed. The power came back on an hour later and stayed on.
I can’t wait to move to a new place and set up a grid-tied, battery-backed solar system. With careful management, that should be able to keep our all-electric home going even in the winter.
Weather events are becoming more and more common and I am in the position of being able to prepare for them a bit.

Cataract in my right eye. Blood in my left eye. But at least that’s clearing up a it. Since I drive for a living, I’m screwed until I can get the damn thing out.

Start small, expand over time.

But that is 100% feasible. Just be wary of any laws that says you cannot self-provision.

Cutting down on sugar as part of my initiative to live more healthier.

Feeling derpy and depressed, and it’s one of the symptoms of sugar withdrawal :

If you go from a high-sugar diet to a low sugar diet, you may experience sugar withdrawal symptoms that include:

Intense cravings for sugar.
Feeling low energy or fatigued.
Muscle aches.
Nausea, bloating, or other GI symptoms.
Feeling anxious, down, or depressed.

Irritable? Check.

Bloaty? Nope.

GI symptoms? Yup. IBS flaring up

Headaches? Yup, had one last night, and feel one coming on.

Low energy and fatigued? Bro, it is not funny, stahp this shit.

Pushing on, as I do want to live more healthier.

Whenever I get headaches and muscle cramps from cutting down on carbs I drink plain old beef broth. Like, the crap you make from the cubes. For some reason lowering sugar intake can also cause electrolyte loss due to diuresis, and this then causes headaches and muscle cramps.

Tbh I also drink it when I have a regular old headache or migraine or cramp just in case.

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Sudden, intense craving for chocolate, regular Coke and other sweet things.


kill me now please kthanxbai

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Power was out for 19 hours. Comes back on. I walk to Wendy’sfor a frosty. Get through the line, place my order and the power goes back out. 4.5 hours so far this time and they’re sayin* it should be back up around midnight. Yeah. Right.


I know that feeling.

You want to make food/play a game/watch tv/wash clothes or your clothes are still in the machine/etc and the power goes out… and stays off for two hours or longer.

It really sucks.

Crypto. Crypto really sucks.
I hope I don’t get any as a wedding gift.

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Especially for those who invested top dollar in cryptomining.

I seem to have missed something fundamental about cryptocurrency. It has a blockchain that’s for authentication, proof of ownership and tracking who had it before you did. Then there’s the mining part where your computer runs calculations that do something to make the the value go up or down, but what those calculations are, I don’t know.

NFTs go along with it. Authentication is tied into something digital so only one person can own that exact digital item, but when it comes to a picture, there’s nothing stopping others from making a copy of it and having the same thing, minus the authentication.

To me, both are perceived value items that don’t have anything physical supporting it. “It’s worth X because we believe it is.” A documentary of the De Beers diamond mining company from way back around the 1980s or 1990s said that the value of your average diamond is $2. Bigger diamonds would have a bigger value because there’s more of it in one piece, but anything above that is perceived value, which is something they encourage and they’re a very wealthy company as a result.

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In my (admittedly very scant and intentionally-staying-away-from-it) understanding, it’s not that the calculations make the value go up or down. The calculations are basically solving a block of math problems, and once your computer solves a block, you are given X% of a coin (based on how the chain/contract is set up) in your wallet.

NFTs are just bunk though.

Also see all art. The art world is simply a money laundering and tax scheme. Buy it for 100k, sit on it for a year, get it appraised at $5 million and donate it to a museum. Or sell it for $8 million to another collector who sits on it again until it’s worth 8+x million who donates it or sells it again.

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Yeah, that reminds me of something I read somewhere.
If someone spends a couple of thousand dollars on painting, it’s because they like it.
If someone spends a couple of million dollars on a painting it’s because other people like it.

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