Things that suck

Carol Burnett had her dresses made with pockets because she kept fidgeting with her hands.

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Pockets are one of the great things I love about my urban kilts. I can carry a couple of bottles of wine or booze in the front slash pockets and it is barely even noticeable. Don’t bother asking me how I know. You know.

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Not touching that…


Go on. Touch it.


The clothes washer tore a foot-long hole into a pillow, too large to be sewn back up. The tag was attached at the corner instead of the center, so it must have got caught on something. On the positive side, I learned to remove the tag.

Talking with family members and getting answers to things that happened a long time ago, and not in a good way. What sucks is some of those situations look like they’re being played out again and there may not be anything we can do about it. The old you can try to help but if the other person won’t accept it, it will be for naught. I can see that a massive intervention may be the only thing that has a chance to change the outcome, but no one in our family is in a position to be there enough to keep the intervention going.

This is likely to not end well.

Trying to spoil myself with a Redmi Note 8. (Yes, I know about the security vulnerabilities, but it is if you only use the baked-in apps).

Getting no joy with my bank. I have a budget facility available, but there seems no way to be able to use it…

Have to try, try again, sooner or later I’ll be lucky. (Birthday is the 26th this month).

Trying to source it locally, since I’m not in the mood to order it from overseas, then havening to go in and pay customs tax on it when it get cockblocked at customs… or some ne’er-do-well snaffling the parcel en route…

Companies that do it wrong.

I’ve been trying to put together the components for a CNC machine, and he company I’ve been looking at has separate accounts for their forum and their parts store. You have to create an account in the forum first. Then they get shirty when you can’t get into the parts store. Their introductory email is littered with links that no longer work for various reasons. All the links on their Youtube videos are likewise broken. Maybe I should look somewhere else, but it looks like a pretty decent and cost effective product.

I just got a reminder email from BitDefender. I used to use their product and have decided not to continue. The unsubscribe link takes me to the store.

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I just got another reminder email letting me know that my subscription has lapsed (see above). I checked the account and there are still 78 days still available.
I checked the email more closely, and it is trickier than I originally thought.
It doesn’t actually say that the link will unsubscribe you. It says to CLICK HERE to stop getting the email reminders, then it takes you to the store. I guess their theory is if that if you buy the product you’ll stop getting the reminders. There is no way in the product to opt out of email, and the 2CheckOut purchasing platform has no way to log in (you don’t have an account unless you’re a vendor).
Everything is sent from a NO-RESPONSE email address.
I hate to create an email rule just to handle this one thing.

Well, phooey. I thought I was going to get through life without any allergies. Now to look at the ingredients to see if I can pinpoint which one is the culprit.

That’s what I used to think. Then I started having breathing problems and found out that I’d become allergic to a bunch of stuff.

Air, apparently I’m allergic to air.

(Actually trees having unprotected promiscious sex, but whatever.)


Ah, spring… when everyone’s car takes on that dusty yellow-green overcast…

Yeah, I had gone through life blissfully ignorant of tree sex. Then, about 3 years ago, it became a huge problem. For about a week recently I would just wave puffy, red eyes all day long. Now, fine.

got exposed to Covid-19 because of work. and had to get tested just waiting on results. What super sucks is that my roommates mother has been staying with us ans shes in her late 80’s. So im stressed about getting her sick.

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Yeah, and i’m a bee farmer, so my truck is covered with bee shit too.

Let us know the results.

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No Word yet, but the person i went with who was tested at the same time came back negative.


Im fine but 2 of my coworkers have it.

Sucks about your co-workers, but great news about you.

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