The unofficial WSUS trauma support thread

So, who here is using WSUS?

What happens if you create a win10 virtual machine, and under computer properties name it WSUSTEST or TESTWSUS … ?

Does the WSUS server pick it up?

Found wsus on server2016 have better performance with 16Gb RAM than with 4Gb RAM.

And said missing VM… still no happy lucky.

I have two Server2016 VMs with WSUS installed, but for two different domains.

I needed to clear out the synchronization logs, and installed the latest SSMS on both.

One VM I could login and delete the synchronization logs without any issues.

The second denied me access when trying to log in with SSMS in order to run a SWL script to clear out the logs. Reinstalled the WSUS role, still no luck.

Found that I need to run SSMS as administrator.


Will look a bit closer at why this is so.

Another thing that I’ve noticed is if you add products snd classifications one by one, and let WSUS synchronize and download the uodates for said product first before adfing other products, it doesn’t fall over easily.

But if you try to download a dozen of everything, it tend to fall over more often.

So good so far.

Every week I do a cleanup on the WSUS DB, will have to see if I can automate this.

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For as much as computers multitask, sometimes having them do things one at a time, or one group of related tasks at a time, can still be the best way to get the results you need.

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