The ULTIMATE War (story): fighting Edward Nigma!

Well, or Enigma, anyway: @sshats.

Oh, I am SO gonna get myself over to Bleeping and catch up on this. Spyhunter is utter crapware, and has been since its inception. RKill, OTOH, has saved man slabs of bacon, including mine own.

I’m glad to see Bleeping ready to go to the mat. I hope their legal team kicks some serious butt. I wonder if Groklaw would be interested in giving this some coverage…

If it goes to court it will be blind justice.

IS there a court that understands any of this shit?

Oh good lord. Is Enigma run by Donald Trump? Sounds like something he would do.

I’ve no experience with Spyhunter but RKill has definitely saved my ass more than once. Asshats.

Classic case of he said/she said.