The Talos Principle


Another Portal-esque game. After playing it for 15 minutes, I’m already hooked on its tone, perspective, and puzzles. It’s gonna be one of those never-have-I-felt-so-smart-and-stupid-at-the-same-time kind of games.


It looks appealing, I think I’ve seen a Jim Sterling video on it too at some point.

But since my gaming rig’s CPU is apparently stranded in the Amazon warehouse in the midlands, I shall have to wait. (Seriously, the RAM shipped from America in 2 days. The CPU shipped from a UK distribution centre last Friday and so far hasn’t moved at all)


I’ve had this happen a few times in the last year. Contact Amazon, because there’s something wrong. They’ll have to cancel the order and re-order it.

They keep claiming that the issue will be fixed, but it keeps happening.


I really like this game mainly for the larger back story and some of the other not so obvious puzzles like moon landing one.


I got an unplanned 2 for 1 on Motherboards. I think it’s officially mine now, as I offered to return it (at their cost, my hassle) but no response from the seller (not Amazon themselves), so…


Now you can make the emergency backup rig you never knew you needed!

You should build it under the kitchen sink just to confuse people!