The Simpsons: Tapped Out


Yup. This is why I forced myself to delete the broadly-similar Magic Kingdoms app yesterday.

I’m in a mood right now where I’m analyzing the games I’m playing for actual value. Grinding in an RPG-type game can be of some value at least as the basic activity (thinking through tactical combat decisions) is enjoyable to me. However, a lot of the Farmville-descendants don’t really have that.

I lament how many so-called “builder” games have a weaker model than the original SimCity. There’s was a great book on SimCity that explained a lot of the math behind it. (It may have been SimCity 2000-specifically) Some neat stuff, and tweaked to be pleasing to the player and provide some challenge.

One of my minuses to ‘builders’ is realizing there’s no real meat to the simulation: It doesn’t care if you put a sewage plant next to a daycare center, for example. Or even provide road access in many cases…

There’s also this, which was a game that was even more shamefaced about it’s attempts to shake customers down for cash.

In the genre, I played:

  • Simpsons Tapped Out, which seems almost quaintly non-evil.
  • Star Trek: Which at least had a couple mini-games that were kind of engaging. An interesting “Build an Away Team and send them through a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” where the crew’s skills matter, and a kinda silly “starship combat” that was mainly decided by setup and pressing buttons whenever the cool-down.
  • Disney’s Magic Kingdoms: Which was heavily marketing-influenced.

Probably a couple I’ve forgotten.

I should go back to Kingdom of Loathing. They’re still around, and feel bad about being too blatant with cash-grabs, at least.


SimCity cared about that.

I haven’t played KoL in forever. Maybe I should go check it out again.


That’s the thing. SimCity did such a satisfying, if simplistic, simulation in 1989 with a fraction of the horsepower a modern cell phone has.


Wow, I’m like $30 into World of Tanks and my daughter about $10 into it. That’s over two years of play, how you get to 15k or more in cash is mind boggling.


And WoT is an actual game where you make meaningful decisions.