[The Register] Who wants dynamic dancing animations and code in their emails? Everyone! says Google




Why? We don’t need fancy boobobs and thingamahs in our emails.

Youngsters haven’t seen a PC getting pwned by emails plus it’ll be a great attack vector for cryptomining/cryptolocking.

If the worst come to the worst, I’ll revert to using PINE in a virtual environment on a bare-bones Linux install.

Or host my own email myself, or use somebody who’ll do it for me.


No no… let this kind of fucking stupidity play out. As someone in the Info/OpSec field, I’m gonna make a fortune.


Dear God, why?

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Reverting to SquirrelMail reader now.

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Lucky you.

I also want to get into the Info/OpSec field, but guess I’m too old now :slight_smile:

Ah well. Going to be interesting going forward. Will discuss it with the Bossly Unit and formulate a company policy going forward.


Wonder if Mr2/Ice is still a thing (email reader under OS/2)


Nah, I’m turning 41 this year and am just now getting into it - I only started into this position about a year ago. Prior to this I was all Infrastructure/Sys Administration (Exchange, SharePoint, Office365, Windows/Server). You got this! :slight_smile:




I want this like I want a fork jammed into my left eyeball.


Load up enough animations and you’ll slow the recipient’s PC down to a crawl…

By the by, is there any known exploits from GIF images, static or animated? I know you can embed a picture pointing to a certain website, and when that picture is accessed/opened, you can see it in the logs on the webserver hosting said image.

I know of exploits via JPG etc…


Yep, there’s a ton of exploits out there that’ll screw around with gifs. I saw something a few weeks ago saying that they embedded some kind of malware in a handful of the pixels.


Oi, #notallmillennials!

I wouldn’t touch Google services with a nine-mile bargepole. Their privacy statements on YouTube alone were enough for me to close my account and rely on bookmarking for favourite channels. I was on Google… Plus/Pages/Wave/Whatever for a couple months and I hated how every time I’d leave a comment or write a status, boom adverts for those things would appear everywhere - even if that comment was “I hate [whatever]”.


How long before we’re looking at actively manned anti hacking security like in movies in the 80’s and 90’s movies for normal people?

Let me get my ICE slicing skills sharpened up and get my deck plugged in.


Every time I open up Chrome at work it asks me if I want to sign in. No, Google. You already track enough of what I do online. I’ll make my own bookmarks.


Plugged in? It’s all wireless now, chummer.

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I’ve heard Shadowrun has updated it so Deckers are part of the team, not playing their own slightly-related adventure off to one side…

(I liked the way the Shadowrun PC games of the last few years did it, with ‘overlays’ for levels with Matrix or Astral info that can be accessed by appropriate characters. It’s game-friendly, if not realistic.But realistic would be less dramatic, and probably involve bribing/threatening a sysadmin or running a week-long project to get some megacorp wage slave to click on a ‘Punch the Monkey’ web ad that runs an exploit, and who wants to play that?)

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Maybe not for normal people, but we have an OpSec team of five at our call centre already, up from one before $MegaTelCo took over.

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If you’re breathing, it’s not too late. Indeed, jumping from a system/network background to the likes of incident response, or investigations, isn’t that hard to do.

I know lots of folks who didn’t get into it until 30, 40, 50, and beyond.

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^^^ This. So so so much. And the money is great too. I know, everyone says, “Money doesn’t buy happiness!”

Yeah, well, I’ve never seen a millionaire crying on the back of their yacht.

If you have infrastructure/network/development skills, that stuff really lends itself to pentesting, ethical hacking, incident response, Red Team v Blue Team, etc.