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Yeah, that’s pretty rough. We had a couple eggs when the hens were first laying that were malformed, but so much that we could tell right away so we didn’t have that nightmare.

Man tries to kill bugs, accidentally sets fire to house

You might wonder how anyone could set fire to their house while trying to kill bugs.
Apparently, he used an aerosol can and a lighter and sprayed through a hole in the wall.

You might also wonder how anybody that stupid actually manages to keep on breathing - I certainly wondered that :rolling_eyes:

At least he wont be havening bug problems for a while…

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Which reminds me. Around 2000 (remember the Y2K frenzy?) I was stationed at the Machado toll gate in Machadodorp.

Some guy got fed up with roaches, poured petrol down a crack the roaches was living in, and lit a match.

A huge explosion followed, his house was no more, but the roaches survived that explosion.


If that doesn’t qualify as a FML, I don’t know what does!

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Thread derailment in progress…

That is a CoG tradition. On the other hand, I figured that this particular derailment was useful, so I moved it to a new thread in the Useful Information category.

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Thank’ee oh wonderful moderatrix :smile:
Yes, was useful, so I was not quite sure what to do. (Btw I’m also moderator on a forum, get to deal with derailments as well).

Being a mod at a forum like this has got to be a good gig. :slight_smile:

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Yes, it is! I very rarely have to do anything moderator-ly. :slight_smile:

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Another thread derailment in progress again…

[runs away]

It’s what we do here.

Haven’t seen @Nick_Burns post a poll lately though.

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Polls, you say?

He and TSB kinda gafiated, didn’t they.

'Course, she posted and said that, so no real surprise.

To drop out of fandom community activities, with the implication of “getting a life”

I had to look it up.

MSTanja, and the woman named after the airport, @CaptainCaveman. Everyone going on and getting lives and shit.

Hey now don’t you accuse me of having gotten a life. I just kind of never remember to check the board here anymore.

CC! You’ve just proved that names have power, and that we must be careful who we invoke. :wink:

On a childfree forum that I admin there was a mom of three who came and posted a lot trying to prove that there were parents out there who “get it”. She tried way too hard and was generally full of crap. She eventually left when the members got sick of said crap and started calling her out on it. The mod staff now refer to her as She Who Must Not Be Named so as not to summon her again. :slight_smile:

How’s gnatdbug doing, anyway?