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From the one forum I frequent come this :smile:

I misread ‘braai’ as ‘brain’ and ‘nippies’ as ‘nipples’ which did not aid comprehension.

Is ‘braai’ a term for cooking out on a grill or similar?

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Yes, you got that right. It’s our national pastime, by sacrificing meat on a fire :smiley:

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There have been occasions where pork products have been labelled as halaal. Whether it was malicious or accidental is up for debate.

I’m not sure what I would do in this case. On the one hand, informing them of the problem allows them to go to their religious authorities and receive whatever absolution or whatever necessary.

On the other hand, it could really piss them off. Admittedly, whoever labelled this as halaal should have some consequences, and others should be warned.

But it could turn ugly.

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Same guy, but in Dubai at the moment :


That’s what he gets for dipping his chips in mayo instead of in ketchup like a normal person. :slightly_smiling:

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This is from a friend of mine:

So, I noticed the bathroom mirror was dirty, so I went into the kitchen to get the windex. Then I walk back into the bathroom with a sandwich and no windex.

I prefer ranch, actually.

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Still a better choice than mayo.

I’d been walking round the house looking for the scissors, making ‘snip-snip’ motions with my fingers.

The husby asks what I’m looking for, and inexplicably I reply “string”. I don’t know why I said string, I didn’t need nor want any, but he proceeded to spend two hours re-organising the spare room trying to find the string that I eventually found in the same cupboard as the good scissors.




Somebody please tell me there was someone carrying in that room, to protect that poor motherboard.

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I’m still laughing at the way she’s holding the soldering iron. :wink:

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I missed that part.

Who missed the soldering iron part? :smile:

I was like :wtf: when I saw what she was doing…

And also no protection against static electricity - IIRC you need a mat, wrist strap and other assorted goodies before working on sensitive electronic circuits…

The part that stuck out to me is the fact that is the wrong type of soldering iron, and the fact that she seems to be holding it against the CPU.

CPU? Non.

CMOS Battery? Aye.

She’s part of the witness protection program, trying to burn her fingerprints off.

I swear people who take stock photos should look at stock photos before staging shots like this.


And think before doing a shoot.

Maybe they had a tender for some photos, and grabbed the cheapest offer…

I think they had a room that looked kind of “techy” and a box full of random tools. I suppose we’re lucky she’s not using a multimeter on it. Or a wiggler.