The NFL Thread


One more.

Could it be over for Peyton?

Damn I hope not. That’s not how it’s supposed to end for a player of his caliber.


Yeah, I feel bad for the dude. I expected this to be his last season. I did not expect this drop off (a cliff).


I read article after article about Manning and retirement back in the day. The consensus seemed split between injury and weakness prone refusal to give up, and easing into a game manager don’t lose the game on field coach quarterback.

I think the first idea is the correct one, and it is kind of sad. I had hoped to see Manning playing for ages longer. But 18 years is a damn good run, and it might be time to back down. I don’t know if he has the temperament to not try to win the game on his arm all the time. And I think it’s obvious he’s spent. Not that he couldn’t come back and have another year, or even two, of success, but I think those would be gambles.


Complaints that the favorite quarterback is getting too much sex?

Fans are dijjits.


Chargers play KC this weekend. I hope they don’t lose too badly.


Thursday Night Football is Jags & Titans on NFL Network, with Jim Nantz & Phil Simms calling the game.

If it’s possible to get a negative Neilsen Rating, this game will do it.


Did Aaron Rodgers’ 61 yard Hail Mary give anyone else Flutie Flashbacks?


Pretty awesome. It’s funny though, Flutie started off with like a 20 yard drop back and just kept going farther back. Rodgers at least ran back to the line of scrimmage.


[quote=“Woodman, post:168, topic:451”]
Rodgers at least ran back to the line of scrimmage.
[/quote]But Rodgers started further back. If you check the videos, Flutie actually threw from about a yard further forwards than Rodgers did. Either way, both throws were incredible, as were both catches.


All set up by some moron who must have failed football 101 and tackled with his hands above the shoulders. Idiot. a friend of mine said “well, it really should have been hands to the face anyway.” Who cares? That still gives them an extra play. Chest bump him to knock him down. Trip him. Insult his grandma. Anything but hands above the shoulders! It’s like I said on Facebook, it was such a Lions way to lose a game. Just add it to the catalog…


It was a stupid play on his part. If he didn’t go any where near Rodgers’ head, the game would have been over and the Lions would have won. Instead I got to watch my Packers stick a knife into the hearts of Lion’s fans. :smile:


I don’t know why there aren’t more cornerbacks doing everything but sweeping the leg to prevent plays like this.

Plenty of ways to foul someone without getting hurt or hurting someone. All these touchdowns where it’s a miracle catch, screw that, tackle the dude before the ball gets there. You’ve already screwed up, all you can do now is save the touchdown. So what if they get four more chances from teh 1, they are already scoring.


Not quite pro football, but a friend of mine plays for the Portland Pitbulls, a minor-league team.

He’s not doing too bad, for a geeky gay guy with Asperger’s who never tried to play (at all) until three years ago (in his 30s).


NSFW, but a hilarious take on last Thursday’s game…


Yep, let’s just add another one to Odell’s highlight reel


Can I complain for a second about how the NFL treats playoff games as “special” when it comes to statistical records/achievements?

I’m pretty sure that last night I heard them say that Eli had set a Giants record for completion percentage in a game (27/31 - 87.1%). But that isn’t the best percentage a Giant has ever thrown - because Phil Simms threw 88% (22/25) in Super Bowl XXI


I never understood that either.


I could understand it if they qualified the statement by saying “in a regular season game”, but to just say it’s a record is outright wrong.

I do understand that playoff games are different to regular season games. They are do-or-die and that can lead to special efforts. There is a reason why teams in the playoff hunt treat games at the end of the year as if they were playoff games.
But to completely ignore playoff games when talking about records just seems silly.


I don’t care how “special” playoff games are, a record is a record.

That’s like Guiness World Records claiming that one person’s nose is a record, when there is someone else with a larger one, because the first sneezed during a blizzard.


It’s interesting, because they do keep track the other way. They quite often mention it’s “Playoff Record” and compare it to the regular season record, but almost never the other way around.

Speaking of which, how many teams are on their third string QB? The Colts Texans game ought to be interesting.