The NFL Thread


My Bolts are officially a dumpster fire after yesterday’s debacle in Baltimore. Poor Philip Rivers is the Dan Marino of his generation.


Um, I’m a Lions fan. We have officially embarrassed ourselves on a world stage. I’m not sure what’s wrong with the team. I was talking to someone yesterday and described our team thusly - we have all good parts but nothing is working together. Like if you dumped all the pieces for a Lamborghini in a box, shook it up, and dumped it out then wondered why it wouldnt run…so you throw everything back in the box and shake and dump again. Sure, eventually it might work (600 monkeys, 600 years, Shakespeare…) but there are alot of crappy times in between. My best friend found a meme that said “Being a Lions fan is like watching the Titanic every Sunday…and rooting for the ship”. Bleh.


Eli is working on his best season ever (statistically), despite his top 2 WRs playing hurt week in & week out, and his “top top” WR being out all season (but still not on IR). He put up six touchdowns and 350 yards on Sunday and we lost because the defense gave up seven to Breesus and then our punter fscked up and gave the Aints perfect field position for a FG.

The last time we had a punter give up the game-winning points, we showed him the door post-haste.

Yet the Giants are .500 and only atop the NFC East by virtue of the rest of the division being a train wreck (and Romo & Dez being sidelined in Dallas).

I’m sorry to say…I’m over Tom Coughlin. We had a good run, but when you change all the coaches under the HC and you keep losing the same way, it’s clear where the problem lies. Come home to Waterloo & retire, Tom.


Bolts put Keenan Allen and Branden Oliver on IR today. I think 4-12 is the best we can hope for at this point.


I think the Colts are going to prove you can win the division with a losing record.


That takes courage to admit this season. I’m an embarrassed Packers fan over the beating we took at the hands of Denver, yet I can still fall back on the fact that we’re 6-1.

I guess you can hang your hat on the fact that at least the Lions won’t go 0-16 this year…

…and that your alma mater tore the heart out of UM with one spectacular play this year.


The 2010 Seahawks and 2013 Panthers already proved that.


The Colts have a chance of doing it at 6 and 10. That would be a new record.


Yeah the Seahawks were 7-9 and the Panthers 7-8-1. Does anyone want to win the AFC South?


We could ask the same about the NFC East.

AFCS combined record: 9-21
NFCE combined record: 12-19

Even more intriguing: Not only does the AFCS lack a winning team, it is the only AFC division without an undefeated team.

At least the NFCE has a team w/o a losing record, that’s something. Regardless, we know the wildcards won’t be coming out of either of these divisions.


I had season tickets in 2001. When we went 2-14. Didn’t make that mistake again. But I follow my teams come hell or high water…no bandwagon here.

And I will always always always have that Spartan win to look back on when times are lean. Gets my heart pumping again now just thinking about it. :slight_smile:


I hear you. I was there during the 1-15 season for the Chargers in 2000. Got real irritated at all the bandwagoners when they went 14-2 in 2006.

However, if they move to LA they are dead to me.


I’m a little surprised it took ESPN’s 30 for 30 so long to finally tell this story - Four Falls of Buffalo


Damn. Just damn.


Ouch. And me-OW!


Luck has a lacerated kidney…ow.


That’s the same thing that happened to Keenan Allen. He’s now on IR.


Hush your mouth.

2-6 weeks. . Maybe long enough to teach the front line to pass block. I think they finally figured out blocking for the run.


Re the Giants/Pats game:


Hakeem Nicks is coming back to Big Blue

I’m not optimistic about Cruz coming back next year. Nicks isn’t what he was his first 2 years but the Giants have been thin at WR all season and he’s got rapport with Eli. Maybe he’ll surprise everyone. Maybe he’ll be a credible threat for short routes alternating with Randle, freeing OBJ up as the big threat and Harris in the slot. It could work.