The NFL Thread


OJ’s been keeping a pretty low profile and didn’t look healthy in the last set of photos I saw.

I guess what’s newsworthy is that Orenthal the Murderer was out amongst the people and being pretty public about it.

Feels a little staged though with the guy in the Juice is Loose shirt.


Love’em or Hate’em the Patriots are back in the Super Bowl!
I’m born and raised in Massachusetts so of course I’m biased.
The Vikings are favored but not by much… -3 I believe.
Eagles are up 14-7 but plenty of time left.
I think it will be a great Super Bowl either way.
Now let the Patriot bashing begin…


As alternates to the Superbowl, or just things to watch until that starts, here are shows that other channels will have running on Sunday:

  • Animal Planet has expanded the “Puppy Bowl” to include “Puppy Bowl Presents”, and this year’s game is “Puppy Bowl XIV: Pup-triots vs. B-eagles”.
  • Hallmark Channel is running “Kitten Bowl”
  • The Smithsonian Channel will have an “Air Disasters” marathon.


I don’t watch the ESPYs because, well…it’s the ESPYs. But I did manage to flip over to it tonight just in time to watch Jim Kelly give his speech after being presented the Jimmy V Award by John Elway and Dan Marino.

I didn’t realize his voice was so messed up from the recent recurrence of the cancer.

In the article I linked, he mentioned that he only had 2 minutes and he didn’t want to get the music. They didn’t cut him off at all and he went well past 2 minutes.


33 years ago today was LT’s career-ending hit on Joe Theismann (I won’t link it because that means I’d risk watching it. If you’re looking at this thread or have seen The Blind Side, you’re probably familiar with it).

Theismann was at the Washington game today and Alex Smith suffered the same injury, albeit on the opposite leg. Had surgery immediately.

The final scores of the two games were the same as well, although 33 years ago Washington won while today, they lost.